None of you would know this but It takes a huge amount of work for me to go out on an evening shoot in my boat! So to reduce the number of times I get snookered by the clouds (snuffed),I look at the radar feed as well as the Cox bay camera.

Monday night was the last night for me to be able to get eagle/moon shots! Also,I have been waiting for years to get an excellent shot of Tofino with a moon over it! Only problem with that idea is that Tofino faces north! The only way I could get a shot of Tofino with the moon over it is if the moon was rising really far south………..and it was this time around! (Buck moon)

I checked and the azimuth for the moon was around 130 degrees! Which is really far south! I’ve never seen the moon that far south before!

So on Sunday the moon rose at 6:45 pm but the next day it was rising at 8:08 pm! That is a huge jump! Remember that the sun was setting at 9:26 pm and it takes at least an hour to get high enough to be able to see. If I waited until Tuesday to go out the moon would be rising way too late! So I went out Monday but in hindsight…….I shouldn’t have!

As I was riding down to the boat shed I spotted a fog tongue far off in a distant inlet. I knew the main body that tongue came from was close by. Radar does not pick up fog btw. I knew instantly that there was a good chance the fog could advance into the harbour, snuffing the light for me and ruining my chance at getting some great shots! But because I was up against the wall on this one I “pushed” it. Pushing things is almost a guarantee to screw things up and in this case,……yep!

Once I was out on the water I headed down to Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil! He flew over to greet me and seemed perky enough! I looked to the west and saw the fog bank had already eclipsed the harbour and was advancing eastward towards me! I knew instantly the evening shoot was gone!

I stayed for a while with my friend but had to say goodbye cause the light was saying goodbye! So I decided to go up into Fortune Channel to look for bears. It’s always sunny up there even when the fog has pushed inland! Unfortunately for me I couldn’t find any bears.

I was not amused.

So I headed back and noticed some light far off to the west! I was hoping It would clear by sunset but that was being overly optimistic!

Romeo came over, true but looked sluggish. It’s almost molting season and molting really drains their energies!

I was so disappointed that I didn’t even post these on Monday night. I wasn’t going to post them at all to be honest but changed my mind as a few friends thought the shots had merit.

Maybe next month?


47 thoughts on “THE DAREDEVIL

  1. I noticed that the moon was rising way to the south as well, and this morning the tide at Willows Beach here in Victoria was waaay out. Lowest tides in 20 years, I’ve heard. I guess you folks could walk out to Frank Island at low tide.

  2. HI Wayne, I’m glad you posted these pictures. I love the eagles. I am so sorry about your disappointed. Sometimes I spend hours making a fondant creation and then it doesn’t work and I have to start over so I have an idea of your frustration.

    1. the night before the sunset was outstanding! When I see an excellent sunset and miss it I get grumbly!
      Picking the right time is critical and that night I rolled the dice and came up with Snake Eyes!

  3. Wayne, your photos catch a quality of the personality of the Daredevil. Even in the frustration of all the perceived wasted time and great expense, you were able to capture something worthwhile. It is probably all your years of experience of photographing eagles and bears, even when things do not work out. There is an appreciation of capturing the moment, even in the disappointment of a huge investment, with unrealized dreams. You gave it your best and the weather did not cooperate but there was unexpected beauty that was captured. Thank you!

  4. Wayne, I think Daredevil’s photo was quite interesting. I like the eye and the feet with the trailing water droplets. Sometimes it is better to give what you got than nothing at all.

    1. I keep my Zodiac on land. So I have to haul it down to the water (wheels on back) as well as the engine and all the gear. It takes about 1/2 hour to put and 1/2 hour to take out.
      The actual picture taking took less than a hour.
      Thank you Eilene!

  5. I also noticed the moon rising and setting far to the south. She is waning now. I watched her rise last night amid some clouds hanging about the horizon, and saw her set early this morning. Glad you posted the photos of Daredevil.

    1. thanks Martha,because I do not get many chances in the year for eagle/moon shots!
      Even when the moon is perfect that doesn’t mean my eagles are around or perched at the very top of a tree?
      Tricky to get!

  6. I so enjoyed every one of these bald eagle shots, Wayne. And I appreciated hearing about your adventure and the timing and the light and the fog that are all a part of your photo shoot. I think it’s remarkable that you are so in touch with the moon phases, and your deep familiarity with your natural surroundings is impressive.

      1. Hi Wagner
        Long time no see. Many traditions in our live. Perhaps a phone call is the best way to catch up. Send me your number in a text or messenger. Talk soon! Love your stamina and work!

  7. Beautiful photos. I love him in the first photo—it’s like you can see his personality in his facial expression.

    I’m sorry you didn’t get the moon shot. It does make me feel a little better hearing your ordeal, because I’ve tried to plan out a photo shoot and the fog or other weather gets in the way. I just figured I needed more experience. 🤣

  8. Wayne – what a shame you put all this effort in and were thwarted by Mother Nature. Mother Nature is surely telling us who’s the boss lately. Here in Southeast Michigan, every day the weather seems to be a bit of an oddity – either we have abnormal heat, followed (sometimes less than 24 hours later) with a bout of chilly weather. Today we have on-and-off storms and multiple deluges of rain. We just had one deluge a short time ago – rained like no tomorrow, then shut off, like one shuts off a tap. Crazy, but we need the rain, so it’s a stay-at-home day for me. I can see the missing feathers on the Daredevil’s legs and wings unless it is the way the light is shining on him. The Mallards at all the parks are going through their annual molt. The males look washed out with most of their striking-looking signature colors gone. They will go into “eclipse phase” before their regular plumage returns and you will not be able to tell the males from the females.

      1. I know … sometimes I drive to Lake Erie Metropark, (30 miles roundtrip), to walk around and get photos. Yes getting my steps in, but I see nothing else the entire time. My last three trips to Lake Erie Metropark I got photos I’d never gotten before each visit: trip #1: Barn Swallows, Cygnets, trip #2: Sandhill Cranes and trip #3: the Osprey pair. In the header picture in today’s post, those ducks were molting … you really can’t tell, but their feathers were all around them.

  9. I’m glad you posted them Wayne. Your shots are always beautiful…regardless of the situation. Getting the right shot is photography can be so challenging, but when you do get it, think of how awesome it will be. I find our timing and natures timing does not always go together.

  10. Sorry you had a tough time with the moon shot, Wayne, but I’m glad you posted your eagle shots. They are wonderful. The takeoff water shot is especially exciting. :)

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