While I was with Romeo,I noticed a skiff south of me.It wasn’t moving?I wondered if it had motor trouble but also wondered if there was a whale around? I finished with Romeo.The sun had set & so the light was gone. I headed back to First St dock.That skiff was still there but moving slowly.Thats when I saw the “blow”! It was a Gray whale! I knew instantly that I could only take silhouettes as the sun had already set.If I had known it was a whale I would of left Romeo sooner & come over. Ahhh hindsight………….!

The only shot angle I had was looking NW.I had to line up the whale with the last light of the day.Which placed me right near the dock.For whatever reason the whale surprised everyone & actually came over to the dock! Giving the tourists a excellent vantage point (better than mine)! My cameras exposure was set on “manual” as it always is. So when the Gray came up behind me suddenly I had no time to change my exposure! The shot was under exposed but I managed to bring it back enough to get a half decent shot.

Gray whales are a beautiful creature to be sure but photographically poor.They almost always stay low in the water & rarely breach.(jump out of the water)

A nice ending to my evening shoot none the less!



20130330-IMG_865620130330-IMG_864520130330-WHALE PANO #2,MARCH 30TH,201320130330-WHALE PANO,MARCH 30TH,2013This is the whale that got tangled in a fish farms pred nets & died. It was towed over to the ramp at Whitepine up in Hubert Inlet.

UPDATE: April 12th/13 – Three days after I shot this, a company specializing in retrieving skeletons moved in & took the bones! They will be cleaned (by Nature) & reassembled for public viewing in the large museum in Victoria!
They found it was a 2 yr old female Humpback.