This shot needs a little explaining……
This whole situation was basically a mistake.
The female bear on the left had originally come across the weir from the right hand side. So she went from the right to the left. The second bear (on the right) followed this one across.(male)
Unfortunately a rather large Bear came along on the other side (out of sight) & spooked the female bear! She turned around & came face to face with the male following her! He wanted to party & she didn’t! Guess she wasn’t in the mood! That’s when she smacked him!
Some things just never seem to change!


This is “Mini’s” cub,Doodlebug. He was a very small bear.(just like his mom)
He got spooked and climbed a tree. He got bored up there & tried to go to sleep.
They are very cute at this stage and is basically what I call a “AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” shot

Bear Attacking Salmon

There are four shots to this sequence.
Bears during spawning season will cruise along the rivers and creeks looking for opportunity’s. Which means ,they basically are looking for food(salmon)
Alot of times salmon who get tired will move out of the main current,and will go to the shallower sides of the river to take a breather! The current is not as fast & they rest here. Unfortunately,the Bears know this & cruise along the shore looking for these tired Salmon & grab then instantly.
Thats whats happening here.
In the first shot ,the bear tries to grab the salmon & the salmon realizes that it’s about to die and makes one last final leap.
These 4 shots show this salmon’s last moments on this earth!The bear pinned it after this shot and went off to the forest to munch on his meal without being bothered.

Portrait of a Boo-Boo

I used a flash on this guy. It brought out some structure in his fur. This is a bear I call “Lazyboy”. He’s older and likes to lay down right where he catches the fish. Now,bears do not normally do that. They usually take the fish into the bush where other bears cannot see him. If another bear see’s him,it could charge him making him drop his dinner! However,if your a big bear and nobody challenges you.You become content in just eating where you catch your supper.No hiding necessary !
Lazyboy has a face only a mother could love,but he’s still so beautiful. Notice the fish roe on his mussel.Also notice the angle of the ears! They pull them back when they feel stressed.