Sailing Boats in Harbour

20100829-20100829-IMG_7745I didn’t think that I was going to be able to get out tonight! The day was overcast and the cloud structure looked poor.
However,a clearing started in the north and continued down the island. I got my gear together and went out.
Some clouds did snuff some of the light near sunset ,but I did get the lions share of the light at least!
These two sailing boats were in the harbour.
I noticed something that was a bit odd about these boats. Normally when a boat is anchored ,it is allowed to swing with the tide. That means the bow is always cutting into the current of the tide.
In this shot the two sailing boats are facing each other! I know that the tide was going out,so the boat on the left is facing into the tide,but the other is ass backwards?
It must be double anchored? One off of the bow and one off of the stern.


20100829-20100829-IMG_7767I can still see his eye,so it’s all good!
Sometimes my shot speed (per second)is the same speed as their wing beat. What that means for me is that whatever position their wings are when I start to shoot……..they stay in the same position in every shot! If you start shooting and the wings happen to be in a position where they are covering their face………..your screwed for every shot unfortunately!!

Anchored for the Night

20100829-20100829-IMG_7814You can see the type of clouds that snuffed the light near sunset. I saw it coming and took advantage of the good light while I could!
If you look just to the left of the sailing boat on the left,you will see the sunset light being bright at that spot. In the next shot of a Heron,I used that as my backdrop. I didn’t get as close to the Heron as I wanted,but it still worked.

Sunset Heron


After shooting those two sailing boats,I continued into the harbour and found this Heron on that rock out in the harbour. Theres only one rock out there and is easly seen,except at a really high tide! I positioned myself so as to get that interesting sunset light behind him. I tried drifting into him,but the tide swung me to far to the left. I only got a few. I started the motor up again,and as I expected………….he bolted!
When I go by this rock I am always looking to see if he is around.

Fishing Boat at Sunset

20100829-20100829-IMG_7852I normally wouldn’t of included this shot,but I wanted to show what happens if you shoot a boat anywhere on the inside.
The islands in behind absorb the structure of the boat. The only spot you can get away with shooting a boat ,is out by the Lighthouse,or out front where there is nothing in behind.
If I was shooting from a higher vantage point,yes I probably would be able to get away with shooting boats on the inside.
1st St.dock is a good spot for that,but the boats have to come to me at this spot.

Atleo Air Coming In

20100828-20100828-IMG_7503I saw the plane coming in and was lucky enough to get him with the mountains in behind .
I heard the weather is going to change,so I got out while I could. The sky was perfectly clear and the light near sunset was going to be good. The sun is setting earlier and earlier . I prefer the winters myself. The day ends sooner and I have time to work on my blog. The light is also better.

Classic Pose Sequence

20100828-20100828-IMG_752120100828-20100828-IMG_752220100828-20100828-IMG_7523It’s right about at this time that I’m trying to hang on for dear life! Once I get the focus,I have to track him perfectly. It’s very hard to do! Trying to duplicate it’s movement accurately is alot harder than you think!
You know generally what they are going to do,but each strike is different! I try to get close and hang on. If I were to zoom back and track him,that would be very easy. It’s when you try to track the eagle up close and personal. Go try it yourself.
Go down to the shore or lake where there are some birds . Zoom in on your camera to get it as close as you can. Than when you see one flying,try to track it.
I do the same thing from a moving boat. You get use to it,but it takes many mistakes to understand what exactly is going on here!
I also track with both eyes open. That way I can see whats going on around me and keep a eye on my subject.

Coming In

20100828-20100828-IMG_7592He caught me off guard. He came in and I was able to grab him,but my horizon is off. If you look at the waters lines,you will notice that the level is off.
If I corrected it,I would lose some of his wing. I already screwed up on the framing,so I don’t want to subtract anything else from his wing.
So I’m leaving it.
In theory you obviously want him front and centre. It happens but not as often as what I would like or admit.

The Happy Couple

20100828-20100828-IMG_7728Juliette is on the left,with Romeo in the back.
They were just chilling tonight. Not much going on. I think they may be heading out in a few weeks . They always head off to the river systems further inland around mid-September? The salmon spawn will be happening soon and all the forest animals will be having a party!
The salmon too ,if they aren’t caught?

Blue Herons

20100827-20100827-IMG_727020100827-20100827-IMG_727220100827-20100827-IMG_727520100827-20100827-IMG_728020100827-20100827-IMG_728720100827-20100827-IMG_7294These guys were the first subjects for the nights shoot. I came across them by the Meares trail entrance. There is a small island just north of the trail entrance and theres a gap between it and Meares. Thats where these guys were.
I slowly puttered towards them all the while shooting. Trying to steer and shoot is a talent learned,trust me!
I liked this setting because of not only the framing by the trees,but also because the background was brighter than the birds. This made a high contrast to their structure and thus they stand out much better!
The one on the right was the first to blink. He/she took off ,and you can see it taking off behind the other one. They are such skittish birds. The best time to shoot these guys is when they are busy looking in the shallows for fish. They are preoccupied. If they are just standing there……….good luck!

Coast Guard Rescue

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I didn’t get out tonight in the boat. The clouds were all wrong,too iffy.
I went out to Chesterman’s Beach with some friends visiting from England. They love Tofino as much as I do.
We went over to Frank Island to watch the sunset.
My friends noticed these Jet Ski’s coming out of Cox Bay. I’m not too sure,but I think the red and white Jet Ski is being towed! They continued around Frank Island and were heading back into town. I also noticed after they passed Frank Island that the Coast Guard Vessel”Cape Ann” came over to them. They must of been called by these guys. They came together and talked . The Coast Guard than turned around and escorted them back into the harbour.
Much to do about nothing I’m afraid!

Tofino Air Beaver Taking Off

20100825-20100825-IMG_6889The wind was up a bit tonight. I do like it when it’s like that. It gives more hang-time with the eagles! They always go into the wind for a strike and it’ll slow them down as a result.
Had a good night out. The moon unfortunately is rising way too late now. The other side of that coin is that it’s setting later in the morning. I would of liked to of shot it yesterday morning,but the fog was in too much!Next month?

As soon as I got out,Tofino Air’s Beaver took off. I didn’t even have time to put my lens hood on. Not more than 30 seconds later ,their other plane(Cessna) landed in the harbour.

The Nerela 1 and Jamies Zodiac(Riptide)

20100825-20100825-IMG_6911The sailing boat Nerela 1 can be seen coming into the harbour from the north here. You can also see the Zodiac “Riptide”from Jamies zipping by. I saw the Zodiac coming into the harbour from the west and just waited for it to cross with the sailing boat.
The village Opitsat on Meares Island can be seen in the background as well.


20100825-20100825-IMG_6979Because the wind was blowing even stronger down at Tsappee Narrows,she was able to hover above me!
Coming back into town was interesting!! The tide was going out(to the west) and the wind was heading to the east. When these two forces meet they produce standing waves and these waves can be bigger if the channel is relatively shallow…..which is what Browning Pass is!
On the way back ,my boat got air many times!I did the old standing vertical boat crashing back into the ocean thingy. Dangerous!! I had to stop several times to get through the big ones. The channels fetch was getting me. I stayed close to the shore to reduce the impact on me. It does get violent with the crashing! That extra hang time I like with my eagle friends can be costly. It takes longer to travel and I was watching the sun setting.
I only shoot at sunset and as a result every minute literally counts!