Sailing Boats in Harbour

20100829-20100829-IMG_7745I didn’t think that I was going to be able to get out tonight! The day was overcast and the cloud structure looked poor.
However,a clearing started in the north and continued down the island. I got my gear together and went out.
Some clouds did snuff some of the light near sunset ,but I did get the lions share of the light at least!
These two sailing boats were in the harbour.
I noticed something that was a bit odd about these boats. Normally when a boat is anchored ,it is allowed to swing with the tide. That means the bow is always cutting into the current of the tide.
In this shot the two sailing boats are facing each other! I know that the tide was going out,so the boat on the left is facing into the tide,but the other is ass backwards?
It must be double anchored? One off of the bow and one off of the stern.


20100829-20100829-IMG_7767I can still see his eye,so it’s all good!
Sometimes my shot speed (per second)is the same speed as their wing beat. What that means for me is that whatever position their wings are when I start to shoot……..they stay in the same position in every shot! If you start shooting and the wings happen to be in a position where they are covering their face………..your screwed for every shot unfortunately!!

Anchored for the Night

20100829-20100829-IMG_7814You can see the type of clouds that snuffed the light near sunset. I saw it coming and took advantage of the good light while I could!
If you look just to the left of the sailing boat on the left,you will see the sunset light being bright at that spot. In the next shot of a Heron,I used that as my backdrop. I didn’t get as close to the Heron as I wanted,but it still worked.