Lighthouse/Wave Shots

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Didn’t get out in the boat today. The light wasn’t good enough.
I went out to the beach for awhile. There were a few waves coming in and I liked that emerald green! How could, one not?
Saturday still looks like the best day for getting out?
I can never go out on a shoot when I want! Only when I get a invitation from Mother Nature!

Strawberry Rainbow

You need to understand that I never thought about going out today because of all the cloud and rain.
However, a clearing started to develop to the south of us later in the day,but I was ready for it. I normally go out earlier in the day ,so I had to act quickly!
The sun was blocked by clouds to the west but I knew that it would slip underneath them and shine!
The first thing I shot was Strawberry Island with this rainbow! The last of the rain heading away from us.
A rain storm is basically a mobile projection screen! Billions of tiny water molecules falling act as tiny prisms & split the light into it’s individual wavelengths!
When the sun hits the drops of rain,we get a rainbow but it never lasts for very long!
That mobile projection screen(rain storm) is moving away from our perspective!
To get a double rainbow ,the rain drops have to be half as big. Much smaller! Also the colour sequence is reversed! Like a mirror was put up beside the original rainbow.

I had a really nice visit with Romeo tonight. He’s always a real charmer!
Juliette was there initially but she took off and I have no idea why or where? I found that very odd? Thats the second time in as many days that she has done that!
She’s never done that before? It makes me wonder why?
I wonder if they have have a nest elsewhere? If they do,they may have a egg? It’s all a bit strange for me?
I’m not sure what is going on here,but will keep you updated!

Juliette Welcomes Romeo

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Romeo came up to perch and Juliette welcomed him with some loud chirping!
Right after this series of shots,she disappeared! I never saw her leave and don’t have a clue where she went. Remember that I have a unusually sharp eye. Thats my job. If she got away from me,she must of went to the south. I was on the north side of Deadmman Island and she could of used the island as cover? Not sure.

You can see in the last shot,how much bigger she is than Romeo! She’s an ” Amazon” compared to Romeo!

Romeo Perching

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He really likes this perch spot and I know exactly where it is! So I take advantage of that little bit of knowledge and waited for him to fly over!
I got him coming up to this perch three times tonight!
This is the first of the night. If you go to the third one and look at the light,you will notice that the last one has a warmer or more golden hue to it!

Kayaking at Sunset

After spending some quality time with my buddy Romeo,I decided to head out to the Lighthouse for the sunset!
That, at this time of year in a small boat is not to be taken or done lightly! I went around the corner to see how the sea was and decided that if it looked not bad,I’d go for it!
Turns out I WAS able to get out for the sunset! The swell was medium, but I still had to be very careful!

I saw this kayak heading out just as I was about to go around the corner to the Lighthouse.
The mountain in behind is Cats face. A mining company wants to mine it for copper. The top third of the mountain would be coming off!
There goes the neighborhood!

Harbour Rainbow

I got majorly suckered today!
I did not plan on going out today because of all the cloud/rain!
However,I did see a large clearing pushing up from the south and decided to go out in the boat!
I should of stayed on land!
This clearing was heading north,but what I didn’t see was the rather large cloud system moving from the east to the west! Basically I got T-Boned by a cloud from the east!
That huge clearing and all that gorgeous light was swallowed by this ROGUE cloud! I didn’t see it or anticipate it! I was really choked!
As the sun got lower in the sky, that large dark cloud kept going to the west and stopped the light from coming through!

I went down to Tsappee Narrows and couldn’t do anything! The Daredevil just sat there chirping ! I told him that I couldn’t take any shots because of the poor light.
I waited a hour and a half and got nothing really.
The only thing that came out of this is that I’m pretty sure they have a egg in their nest and are expecting!


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The Daredevil was chirping away and I than saw his mate over on the nest island. She came over and he immediately went back to the nest!
They were tag teaming and they only do that when they have an egg that needs looking after!
There also was a small Murder of crows hanging around,so they had to be careful about leaving the egg alone!
Crows have been known to attack unprotected eggs! They really are nasty towards Eagles! I have never seen a Eagle attack a crow,but have seen crows attacking eagles!
I’m sure it’s a pain for all eagles!
In these two shots ,you can see the Daredevil on the nest and his mate flying about. I can never get a good shot of their nest! It is so well hidden from view!

Romeo’s Sunset

You can see that dam cloud that screwed me today. It was choking off all that beautiful golden light as the sun set!
I got acouple of shots of Romeo and that was it! I was so ticked off that I wasn’t even concentrating on my exposures. Because of me not concentrating, I screwed up the majority of my exposures!
I cannot think of a worse day in my 38 years of shooting!
Still……… worst day out is still better than most peoples good days!
I just was alittle disappointed today!

Strawberry Island Floathouses

The light was very uninspiring today.
It did get sunny,but I knew that they would be short sessions . The Satellite/Radar section on the Weather Network is the bible.
I saw thin cloud with possible sunny clearings forming during the afternoon,but nothing to get too serious about.
I went out to the beach,but once again,uninspiring light.
This is my only post today.
I always like this angle,but because of the trees are growing in from the sides,I had to walk down to the water to shoot this. I prefer to shoot from the top hill. I can see behind the floathouses than , but I don’t think I’ll be able to do that anymore,unless I do some trimming?

Their HERE!

I’m starting to see the kayak’s again!
They, like the birds of Capistrano are fairly reliable.
I was already heading out of the harbour when I saw them and turned around and went back to this spot.
I got foreground,mid-ground AND background with my first shot of the day!
Not bad! A good start I thought.
I always like to “draw blood” (photographically of course) before I leave the harbour. Getting the first shots under my belt primes me for the afternoon’s shoot!

I obviously got out today in my boat. The light was pretty good. I know that Spring has arrived and the Sea Lions will be leaving soon.
I went down to Cannery for a visit and verified my suspicions!
Their numbers are down! They have started to migrate out of the inlet. Several normally popular spots were vacant and the main gathering spot over by that wooden structure had less than normal!
Mother Nature has put in a phone call to the boys and told them that their winters vacation is over!
I will miss them.
I did do what I promised I would as well……….I put into land and checked out the forest where they were! Or at least one of many haul outs.
You will see below a few shots of the forest floor.


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There is only one thing they have in common all the time. They just absolutely love to laze around in the sun!
I drifted by these guys and only the one behind raised his head.
I have verified with local expert Barry Campbell that” YES” they do get use to boats they see again and again!
I’ve noticed over time that they are much more relaxed around me and as a result allows me to shoot closer.
I saw two Sea Lions all by themselves on one point of land and went over for a boo. As I approached, I noticed that it was a younger and a older Sea Lion!
I laughed when I noticed that the younger one seemed alarmed by my presence and kept looking over to the older one as if to say “HEY,do you see that………is it dangerous……should we take off??”
The older one just looked at me and went back to sleep as if to say “Relax kid,it’s just that weirdo. He’s harmless. Go back to sleep”

Ground Zero

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This is the spot I checked out. There were no Sea Lions around,so I decided to check out the forest. It’s on the south side of Cannery Bay.
It looked like they were about 200 feet back into the forest or so! The ground ,shrubs,small trees etc were all trampled by the Blubber rollers!
The forest floor will recover however.
It was interesting to see their path ways or highways linking here and there around trees,hills etc!
A real hobbits maze!

Resting with a Freind

I’ve come to the conclusion that one of the things that happens up here ,is that the older males show the younger ones the ropes.
This younger male decided to use this older Sea Lions rear as a big soft and don’t forget…….WARM pillow for a afternoons nap!
The younger ones do look to the older ones as to how they should react!

Daredevil’s Neighbour (Angie)

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I do not see this eagle very much and do not know it’s territory. I do know that it’s western edge butts up against the Daredevil’s however!
I’ve also seen The Daredevil and his mate both fly over to a perch on a island very close to another island that this fellow and his mate had flown to. They both stare at each other.
Kind of reminds me of the border between North and South Korea! The principal is identical.
All animals are territorial,it’s just that some ………..or one seems to destroy much more than all the rest put together!
Nature of the beast I suppose!
I decided to name this eagle “Angie”. I have a recent friend that I’ve met on line and she lives in St.John’s NFLD with her ever so smart cat “Logan Brodie 1”.
I think I will call the male “Logan” as well!

Lower Kennedy Rapids

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I went past the Sea Lions and headed all the way down to the start of the rapids from Kennedy lake. There was a good outflow of water and it made handling the boat tricky! Trying to shoot at the same time as steering was the tricky part!
I was very mindful of all the large rocks below me. I knew however that the water level was high. I just didn’t want to ding my prop. If I lost power here,I would be swept into the trees,bramble etc. Maybe puncture my Zodiac as well. No matter how you slice that,it comes up bad especially when your by yourself.
When I’m out by myself ,I try to be conservative with my adventuring! I figure it’s enough that I made it this far… far!

I’ve always thought that if I had a Jet Boat,I would be able to get up into Kennedy lake from the ocean! You would have to have a thick metal hull because of all the rocks. Plus I’d only be able to do it in the winter. In the summer the water level drops too low and there’s a whole wack of nasty rocks sticking their ugly heads up!
Now that I’m fantasizing………..I could use a hover craft to get up the rapids! I’d be able to do that year round as well!
If I had the money I’d do that and more!
My ultimate photographic vehicle would be a enclosed Ultralight with pontoons!
That would be the sweetest ride, and all the places I’d be able to explore just makes my mouth water!

Notice the last and closest shot of the Hatchery please. This is a very good example of how light reacts to temperature!
If you stop the slideshow at the closest shot of the Hatchery,you will notice that all the horizontal lines are wiggly!
Thats because the air above the rapids has patches of cooler and warmer air. The light is bent ever so slightly by the different temperatures. The light kind of acts like a ricocheting bullet!
Thats why the house doesn’t have a straight line on it and all the metal stanchions are wiggly as well!

Various Lighthouse/Wave Shots

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I couldn’t justify getting out in the boat with the cloud structure. I really need a large clearing to be able to get out and that wasn’t going to happen today!
I always use the beach as plan “B”! It’s a good stand by!
The tide was high when I wanted to get over to Frank Island,but I waded through the water and managed to get over.
Just a few shots today.
It amazing how the same subject always looks so different each time!