Flintstone Bike

I call it that because there is nothing to peddle!
I guess the pedaling part must of fallen off and he uses his feet like Freddy!

Lighthouse/Wave Shots

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Didn’t get out in the boat today. The light wasn’t good enough.
I went out to the beach for awhile. There were a few waves coming in and I liked that emerald green! How could, one not?
Saturday still looks like the best day for getting out?
I can never go out on a shoot when I want! Only when I get a invitation from Mother Nature!

Strawberry Rainbow

You need to understand that I never thought about going out today because of all the cloud and rain.
However, a clearing started to develop to the south of us later in the day,but I was ready for it. I normally go out earlier in the day ,so I had to act quickly!
The sun was blocked by clouds to the west but I knew that it would slip underneath them and shine!
The first thing I shot was Strawberry Island with this rainbow! The last of the rain heading away from us.
A rain storm is basically a mobile projection screen! Billions of tiny water molecules falling act as tiny prisms & split the light into it’s individual wavelengths!
When the sun hits the drops of rain,we get a rainbow but it never lasts for very long!
That mobile projection screen(rain storm) is moving away from our perspective!
To get a double rainbow ,the rain drops have to be half as big. Much smaller! Also the colour sequence is reversed! Like a mirror was put up beside the original rainbow.

I had a really nice visit with Romeo tonight. He’s always a real charmer!
Juliette was there initially but she took off and I have no idea why or where? I found that very odd? Thats the second time in as many days that she has done that!
She’s never done that before? It makes me wonder why?
I wonder if they have have a nest elsewhere? If they do,they may have a egg? It’s all a bit strange for me?
I’m not sure what is going on here,but will keep you updated!

Juliette Welcomes Romeo

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Romeo came up to perch and Juliette welcomed him with some loud chirping!
Right after this series of shots,she disappeared! I never saw her leave and don’t have a clue where she went. Remember that I have a unusually sharp eye. Thats my job. If she got away from me,she must of went to the south. I was on the north side of Deadmman Island and she could of used the island as cover? Not sure.

You can see in the last shot,how much bigger she is than Romeo! She’s an ” Amazon” compared to Romeo!

Romeo Perching

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He really likes this perch spot and I know exactly where it is! So I take advantage of that little bit of knowledge and waited for him to fly over!
I got him coming up to this perch three times tonight!
This is the first of the night. If you go to the third one and look at the light,you will notice that the last one has a warmer or more golden hue to it!