Max has always been a very relaxed Bruin. Enough so that he allowed me to get out of my boat and walk around with him.

This is Fortune Channel looking northward. Tide was coming in. I would never do this if the tide was dropping.





I’ve never seen a Heron do this before.It was standing on some Bull kelp in the middle of the channel. That Kelp has to be 60 feet long! It’s anchoured on the bottom with a “holdfast”.Small fish like the cover the kelp provides but this very smart Heron has figured it out!



As I was getting ready to head out today,I noticed a large expansive cloud system moving in from the west.I had been watching this system since the morning.I was afraid it might move in & snuff the light………….& thats exactly what happened!

For a few moments I considered cancelling the shoot?After all,If I don’t have the light,I don’t have a picture. The shots will be less than what they could be with good light!

Today was going to be the last day out for awhile,so I went out anyways just to see what was going on & very happy that I did too! I came across one of my furry friends along the shore in Fortune Channel & was pleasantly surprised to find that she was a recent mummy!

I was introduced to “Piglet”

“Piglet” has to be the cutest cub I’ve ever seen! “Peggy” must of given birth late in the season? I know very little about cubs age,but would hazard a guess to be a month or so?”Peggy” knows me from previous years,but was still keeping a eye on me.I tried to only move when she wasn’t looking.She felt comfortable enough to nurse “Piglet” with me present.A honour to be sure!

After being with them for over a hour “Peggy” wanted to head back into the forest & so very gently picked up “Piglet” by the scruff of the neck & carried it into the forest.It was the only time “Piglet” stopped crying!


ABOVE – I found this bear on a tip of land in Dawley Pass.Dawley Pass is a narrow opening connecting Fortune Channel & Tofino Inlet.

I wanted to get a different perspective.Normally I’m looking from the water to the land,but wanted to get some reverse shots.From the land looking out to the water. So I beached the boat & walked up on land to try & get a shot looking down Fortune Channel with the bear in the foreground.

This shot could of been much better with some nice bright white clouds & golden sunshine!