20130331-IMG_887320130331-IMG_8881Our weather was fantastic today,so I got out while I could!
It was high tide so I thought I’d go down into Grice bay to check things out? With the Lions & the Trumpeters gone,I was hoping to find a bear out & about? At high tide the only place I would be able to find them would be down in Grice. Even at high tide there are grassy areas still available for dining.
As I suspected,……….nobody home. I only found these Common Mergansers.
I left Grice & went up into Fortune Channel to check once again for any bears,but with no shore line available because of the tide I wasn’t surprised when I found zero Bruins!
Returned & stopped off at Tsapee Narrows to visit with both the Daredevil & Delilah. He caught me off guard & came out out of nowhere! He seems to do that from time to time. Said goodnight & went to Morpheus Island to visit with Moe & Maggie. The sun was falling behind Nelson Island to the west & snuffed the contrast considerably! Had to move on,if I don’t have the light……. I don’t have a picture!
Moved on to Deadman Island with Romeo & Juliette. Romeo came to greet me at his rock! He hasn’t done that in a few months. I have no idea why he does or doesn’t? The light was on the verge of decreasing,so I went to the nest to see if I could get a shot of Juliette in the nest while I had golden light but was surprised not to find her there! 10 minutes later after the light was gone,she poked her head up! She had been sleeping! Guess she couldn’t of done that a tad sooner! I had a nice visit with Romeo anyways!
Said goodnight & thanked them both.
Glad to see they have another egg. I assume it’s just one because they never seem to have two. There “could” be two?
We will know soon enough!