The light got snuffed for sunset tonight.An advancing frontal system is to blame.I knew it was coming but went out anyways.Sometimes the clouds can be interesting? Looks like Canada Day is going to be a wet one tomorrow.

This shot is at Tsapee Narrows & is the Daredevil.





I went up into Fortune channel this evening.It was high tide so I wasn’t too hopeful that I’d find any bears out? I was pleasantly surprised to find not one but two bears & they were together! I never see this happening………or at least very rarely! I’m not sure whats going on here? These two are very comfortable with each other.It’s too early for mating season,so I can only conclude that they must be related somehow?

At any rate they both didn’t mind being close to each other. The one on the left slowly walked in behind the other into the forest & than the other slowly walked back into the forest to join it.Most unusual!



Many times while I’m taking pictures of bears,I’ll turn around & find that I’m being watched! Not only that but I suspect that these Harbour Seals try to warn the bears that I am close! They many times will make a huge loud splash! I beieve they are thinking that If they make a huge noise,the bear will look up & realize that danger is close by! They are in affect warning their furry friends that I am a danger & to be careful!