20141214-IMG_279420141214-IMG_2798I can’t say I’ve ever heard of this tug,but I strongly suspect the captain knew who I was & what I was doing! He came out of the helm & poised for me! I don’t get that that often,but hey………….thanks!
It looked like he was towing “Chunder”? Chunder is dead fish from the fish farms. I think he was going down to Barryman point to unload? By doing it way down there,they avoid bringing it into town. Chunder has such a strong smell to it!!


20131029-IMG_027120131029-IMG_0272This fuel truck is coming back from “Mainstreams” fish farms. I bet it was diesel. You can be 100% assured that both tanks had only vapours in them!
They never bring back fuel!

Went down to Tranquil today. Once again It was low tide & that made it hard for me to get into the system!
After half a hour,I managed to get into the lower section & I tied the boat up. I walked in my chest waders upstream with my equipment. There were 4 bears right in my path,but they all scooted when I got too close for comfort! They are so scared of me! (thank God) I carry Bear spray,air horn & a good sharp knife!
I found all the salmon in their usual spot. When It’s low tide they retreat to this one deeper section.
When the tide moves in,they go further upstream. Only dumb (soon to be dead) salmon move upstream at low tide. The bears hang around these shallow spots & when a salmon try’s to make a run over top,they are spotted,grabbed & invited to dinner!
So the smart ones retreat into the deeper sections awaiting the next high tide. Their genes will be passed on while the “Darwin” award volunteers won’t be!
I did about 8 runs with my drift rig today. At one point there were 6 bears surrounding me & I can assure you that they were more afraid of me more than I was of them. They all had very full tummy’s & were feeling very happy! None of them were looking for a fight!
I finished doing my drift runs & began to walk back through the river. Normally I walk along the forest edge,but I saw two bears trying to make out down stream & wanted to get closer!
Got some great shots but the light was poor! The river only gets sunlight for about a hour & a half. Tall trees on either side limits the light.
My frisky friends finished their business & I walked further downstream. I had 4 bears between me & my boat. Once I came out of the river & they saw me,they all ran away!
Got to my boat & headed out of Tranquil. The light had been snuffed by some clouds but as I was heading towards Tsapee Narrows,the light came screaming in through a thin slit! I looked behind me & Tranquil valley was lite up beautifully! I had to do a pano!
Arrived at Tsapee & the sun was just about gone! I knew there was no way I had time to make it to the harbour for sunset with Romeo & Juliette!
So I stayed at Tsapee with the Daredevil. Took a few of my finely feathered friend & carried on for the harbour.
By the time I got there,the light was completely gone,so I didn’t go pay a visit to Romeo & Juliette! I could feel Romeo watching me! I knew he saw me,but with no light,no pictures! Hope he didn’t mind?
Today was a great day! Full of adventure & challenges! The romancing bears were a highlight for me!


20130729-IMG_227220130729-IMG_2275The tide & fog were once again battling me! I technically did see a bear,but it was in the darkness. So no bears tonight folks.
When I came back in,I knew to expect fog everywhere! I stopped at Tsapee Narrows to shoot a few of the Daredevil with the fog in behind. (Silhouette’s of course)
Not much to write home about tonight folks?


I saw this barge heading out when I was in town earlier. Those white tanks “use” to contain smolts. They were dumped already at Creative Salmon’s fish farm,McCall’s. The Chinook smolts would only be 7 or 8 grams.
A large hose is attached to the bottom of each tank & a valve is opened to release them into a pen. They will be feed what is called “Crumble”. Which is simply small feed pellets. They will grow to their full size in about 18 months or so & than harvested for market.


I did get out today & it might be the last time for this week? The forecast for tomorrow & the rest of the week is strong winds! That means I won’t be going out! The wind is my bain!
I went up into Fortune Channel,Gunner Inlet & Grice Bay for bears & didn’t find a single one! Very disappointing to say the least!
To make matters worse,it had been sunny all day & than a large cloud system moved in & snuffed the light!
I was striking out today!

As soon as I got out in the harbour, I saw this floathouse being towed to it’s Summer location. Looked like a moving party was going on!
They moved it to the northern side of Nielsen island.
I have never seen that tug boat before? Must be from else where?


Not sure what these boys were doing down Tofino Inlet?
This is “Mainstreams” barge. The tug is contracted & not owned by Mainstream. Mainstream does not have any farms down Tofino Inlet.
Only “Creative Salmon” has farms down there.
Looks like they had several large fuel containers on board.I bet they were coming from Rankin Cove? A logging company (Coulson) is in the process of moving their operations out of there & maybe these large green containers are from there?


The Sechelt Ranger was coming back into town with a barge full of fuel trucks!
I can guarantee you those trucks only had fumes in them!They would of pumped all their fuel out at the logging camp tanks.
Looks like acouple of the loggers were also getting their trucks brought back out as well.
You can see the captain of the Sechelt Ranger waving in the last shot.( Mr. Gordon Botting)
UPDATE: I found out that the Fuel trucks filled the tanks at Hot Spring Cove.

Smolt Run

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This Transport truck “was” full of small salmon. They were transported to the Fish Farm by this Tug and Barge. They were coming back into the harbour, which tells me instantly that they must of been empty!
Not only do I know that,but also that this truck must of been for one of Creative Salmon’s Fish Farms! Mainstream uses a very slick looking system!
The Smolts are grown in Hatchery’s (maybe Great Central Lake?) and than loaded up into those white round tubs and driven up here.They constantly are pumping oxygen into the tanks so that the fish can breath. The “DO” or Dissolved Oxygen has to be kept within certain tolerances while they are in transport. The last thing you want to do is stress the fish anymore than they are!
I use to go on a few of these runs and they are more work than meets the eye!

I got out tonight as you can see and came across Osprey,Bears,Eagles and Harbour Seals hauled out!
It was a good night’s shoot!
Enjoy these shots folks because I will not be uploading any shots until Tuesday night! I am flying into Megin Lake tomorrow and camping!
I will be taking many shots but just will not be close to my computer for uploading!
So you all can have a break.
Enjoy folks

The Show Is About To Start!

I went out tonight. This clearing was to the west and I waited for the sun to come out and play!
You can see that it was about to do just that! A Tug was passing by as well.
Both Romeo and Juliette couldn’t be bothered with me tonight. They seemed very content just to watch me from on top of their island.
I went to visit Moe and Maggie and they were more active!
Great night out!

Ernie and a Tug

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I went right by him and didn’t even see him! I need to pay more attention!
UPDATE: I just found out that Ernie and Ethel (for whatever reason?) have started to build a nest in the Eik ST. tree! That’s the huge Western Red Cedar downtown with all the metal cables attached to it. A Land Developer (who shall go nameless) tried to cut the tree down and the town stopped him!

Rose at RPM (across the road) loves eagles as well and has been paying attention to the recent nest building activity.
She will be giving me updates on how it’s going.
Thanks Rose!