20131231-Strathcona Pano,December 31st,2013It was totally overcast when I woke up this morning & has been that way for so long that I truly would not be able to tell you off hand when it was last sunny?
Having said that,the clouds broke & fantastic sunshine came screaming through! I dropped what I was doing & got my gear together to head out in my boat! As soon as I had gotten out I noticed some nasty clouds beginnning to move back in!! It appears Mother Nature had suckered me! She wanted my photographic year to go out on a laugh at my expense! She does have a sense of humour,I just do not appreciate her sense!
Well,……..I already was out & so basically took a boat ride around the local area to see what I could see? There has been a Sea Otter hanging around,so I went looking for it. Nothing!
Really striking out today!
You can see how flat the light was! Normally I don’t shoot on days like this,but I was already committed! My boat is on land & I have to haul it by hand down to the beach,along with several hundred pounds of other gear………namely a 110lb outboard! So it takes a lot of effort on my part to go out! You wouldn’t believe the amount of work it takes to go out & than haul everything back up at the end of the day!
Yes,I was disappointed to see the light so close & yet so far away! However,I was still able to get out on New Years Eve & that does ease the pain some what!

I hope the coming year brings you more smiles & fewer tears folks!

2013 in review

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