20130526-IMG_344820120918-IMG_5788href=””>20130526-IMG_343220130526-IMG_345920130526-IMG_347420130526-IMG_3482I was pleasantly surprised to find Patch with her triplets again this year! These cubs are yearlings.
Patch was very protective with her cubs last year & appears to of mellowed out. The angle of the shore to the sun,direction of walking & being further back on the shore line to the forest made it very hard to get a good shot of them all together!
The first shot does show “Patch” & her three cubs but the grasses are in the way & all with their heads down! I always need to see the eye’s!
I call the Sow “Patch” because of the white patch on her lower throat area.
The second shot is from last September! You can see how much the triplets have grown!


20130524-IMG_3312A friend phoned me about this guy today! I couldn’t come & take any shots at that moment unfortunatly! It sounded like a Gull was trying to steal it’s catch!
By the time I came along,the light had gotten snuffed! So this isn’t a great shot but I hardly ever see these guys! Normally it’s the River Otters I see & yes I did see one of them today as well!
Because of the nose pattern,this may be one I called “Pinky”?


20130521-HARBOUR PANO #4,MAY 21ST,201320130521-HARBOUR PANO #1,MAY 21ST,201320130521-HARBOUR PANO #3,MAY 21ST,201320130521-HARBOUR PANO #5,MAY 21ST,201320130521-HARBOUR PANO #2,MAY 21ST,2013I have 180 people following me on twitter for the local weather. I gaffed today with the weather! I said it would be cloudy with scattered showers today. It was for most of it but the clouds parted late in the day enough to coax me out. I didn’t go out in the boat but rode around instead looking for things of interest!
I went down to 4rth St.Dock & shot a few.


20130521-IMG_3116 Ethel is the one on the left. During nesting season they often times stay close to each other like two love birds!
They have started a new nest on Strawberry Island! The nest in the Eik St. tree has been abandoned. I suspect all the road construction/noise for months persuaded them to move to a quieter neighbourhood!
They seem to have problems in having offspring anyways & I guess all the noise wasn’t helping things!


20130520-TOFINO CREEK PANO,MAY 19TH,201320130520-TOFINO CREEK #2 PANO,MAY19TH,2013I decided to head all the way up to Tofino creek today! It’s at the end of Tofino Inlet. It took me almost 1 1/2 hrs to get there! There is a old prospectors cabin further up the creek & I wanted to see if I could get to it from the ocean? I know how to get there by logging road,but wanted to see if I could get there by water. I actually did get up to it many years ago,but the tide was high & the creek was more like a river from the winters rains than.
I came across a small section of washboard rapids,but think I know how to get by them. Kick the motor up,tie a rope on the boat & walk up the shore line (with my chest waders & felt booty’s on) to the top & pull the boat up!
Easy to say,but I know the Devil’s always in the details!
After taking a few shots,I headed back downstream. I than went straight up into Fortune Channel. That took me the better part of a hour in it’s self!
I was getting cramped for time,so I decided only time for one bear tonight. I found one almost immediately! I also think this bear knows me! It might be Li’l Jackie? She’s grown since I last saw her last Fall! She & I spent some quality time together but I was cursing the light! Some Cirrus clouds had moved in & diffused the light tremendously! I prefer bright gold light,but that wasn’t in the cards tonight!
Left Li’l Jackie & headed to Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah. Once again,due to low light conditions,the best I could do was take only silhouette’s!
Continued on into the harbour. I saw either Ernie or Ethel on top of Strawberry island & took a few with the diffused light in behind & than went to Deadman island to visit with Romeo & Juliette!
Juliette stayed on the nest but Romeo came over to say hi! After taking a few I decided to head on out to open water & see if I could shoot the Lighthouse with the remaining sunset?
I did make it out there but it was alittle rough! Took a few shots & headed back in.
Broke a record today! I traveled further today than I ever have! Not sure how far,but more than 50 klicks!
Another outstanding days shoot in beautiful Tofino!


20130516-IMG_212420130516-IMG_213720130516-IMG_214420130516-IMG_214820130516-IMG_2152Little Allie has defiantly gotten use to me! She doesn’t mind me being around her anymore. It’s always a matter of time with each bear,but most don’t care about me being there in my boat! Now if I were to get out of my boat & walk on land………..that’s a different story! Most bears don’t like that!
I did just that with Alice & Allie here,but they have accepted me into their flight zone & were cool with me doing that!
I always consider it honour when they bestow this trust upon me!


20130516-IMG_221220130516-IMG_221820130516-IMG_2243Alice & Allie were stopping to watch Lazyboy,just to make sure he was safe to be around! You can see Allie hiding behind mum while she checks to make sure there is no danger with Lazyboy!
There was a fourth bear past Lazyboy as well & that made Lazyboy apprehensive as well!
Bears are constantly asking themselves one question…………”Can I eat it,or can it eat me”?


20130516-BEAR PANO,MAY 16TH,201320130516-IMG_216520130516-IMG_2229My boat is over top of a Isthmus! It was shallow there & the tide was dropping so I had to constantly keep a eye on the boat to make sure I wasn’t getting stuck!
Even If I did,all I had to do was put the wheels down anyways!
This is my new boat! It's a 10 foot Zodiac Hurricane RIB. (Ridged Inflatable Boat) A real sweet ride too!