20130526-IMG_344820120918-IMG_5788href=””>20130526-IMG_343220130526-IMG_345920130526-IMG_347420130526-IMG_3482I was pleasantly surprised to find Patch with her triplets again this year! These cubs are yearlings.
Patch was very protective with her cubs last year & appears to of mellowed out. The angle of the shore to the sun,direction of walking & being further back on the shore line to the forest made it very hard to get a good shot of them all together!
The first shot does show “Patch” & her three cubs but the grasses are in the way & all with their heads down! I always need to see the eye’s!
I call the Sow “Patch” because of the white patch on her lower throat area.
The second shot is from last September! You can see how much the triplets have grown!