Blast From the Past……………….. Styx

Because the weather is so shitty and I couldn’t get out to shoot.I decided to look through some of my slides from when I was first learning photography.
I started in 73 with a one year course and haven’t stopped yet!
The film was contrasty and mostly underexposed. I had very simple equipment back then. I was shooting a Pentax Spotmatic,and using 200 ASA Ectachrome.I think I was using a 50mm lens and the advantage about that is those lens are pretty fast! I think it was a f1.2.
Those were the days!
I have thousands of slides that no body has ever seen or knows about! I was interested in the scene of the day and used it as a opportunity to learn about photography.
The basic problem with shooting concerts back than is the film. It wasn’t sensitive enough ! They didn’t have any 400 ASA back than. As it was the 200 was grainy enough!!
Todays equipment is so easy to use and produces excellent results! I wish I had than what I do now. I could of taken some fantastic shots!

This is the band STYX and if my memory serves me,I’d say this is Tommy Shaw when he was much younger. I think I shot this in 78 or so?
They were on their”Grand Illusions” Tour.
Hair style sure has changed!