Eagles have territories they fiercely protect! The territories fit together like a big jig saw puzzle. Any eagle flying through another eagles territory can expect to be escorted across & out.
Eagles do not tolerate other eagles pooching in their area!
Thats why this shot is so unusual! This is Maggie. Her territory is north of here. This area is owned by Ernie & Ethel.
Because I haven’t been able to visit my girlfriend maggie in a few days,she did see me & flew over to say hi! I couldn’t believe she did that! I think the only reason she was able to get away with doing that is because she is the largest eagle in the area. I’ve never seen another eagle mess around with her.
I can’t believe for one second that Ernie or Ethel didn’t see her in their territory.
Oh she’s a funny girl sometimes!





I decided to call this Lion “Minnie The Moocher” because it’s always coming around hoping I’ll throw it some fish guts.
When the fishermen come back from their outings,they clean their fish down at the docks. They throw the heads & guts into the water. This Sea Lion has gotten use to humans doing this so associate humans with food. Great for me as it’ll come along close enough for me to grab a few shots!
I’m sure it’s a male but I’m sticking with the female name “Minnie” anyways.Btw they are not mini being 1/2 ton plus!