I was done the evening shoot,so headed back to the dock. I was pleasantly surprised to see a young River Otter chowing down at the dock! The best time to get close up shots is when a animal is eating. They tend to zone out.

Unfortunately the sun had already set so the lighting was poor! I bumped my ISO up to 1600,slowed my shutter down to 1/125 and opened the f-stop wide open and that still wasn’t enough. I hate poor lighting conditions with a excellent subject!





Their are several collective nouns for a group of River Otters.A romp,a family,a bevy & a raft!

On another note,I went to check out my favourite salmon stream today! Unfortunately I didn’t find a single salmon in the river system.I couldn’t even see any staging out front! When they stage out front you can usually see & hear them splashing about.Didn’t see or hear anything.I also didn’t see any bears cruising.

So it appears the party hasn’t started yet!



20090523-20090523-IMG_5423I originally shot this on May 23rd,2009. The collective noun for a group of Otters is a “raft”.
I saw a small raft of Otter’s on a dock & sneaked up on them. I used a boat as cover. I had the motor off so as to be silent. I paddled around the bow of the boat & they didn’t even see me. I was in perfect position!
Otters are very territorial! When they smell another animals scent,they make sure to scent on top of it. They have musk glands that give off a very strong scent!
This Otter had just smelled the rope behind it. It must of had the boat owners scent on it & he was just finishing his scenting when he spotted me!


20130618-IMG_603120130618-IMG_603420130618-IMG_603720130618-IMG_604020130618-IMG_604220130618-IMG_6045I had just finished fueling up at the local marina & was heading out when I spotted my furry friend on a wharf finger close by! I re-approached slowly & was able to get off a few shots! Otters can be difficult to get close to! If their eating something already,it’s much easier to get closer because they are preoccupied!
We mostly have River Otters close to us in the harbour & the Sea Otters generally stay further on the outside.

River Otter

I got out today and the first thing I did was fuel up. I was planning a longer than normal boat trip today so I needed extra fuel!
I went up the western side of Meares Island and around to the backside. I continued up into Bedwell Sound to check things out.
I than turned to the SE and went into Fortune Channel.
My destination was Cannery Bay to visit with my Sea Lion friends. By the time I arrived however,the light had gone bye bye for the day. I took a few shots anyways & fueled back up. I than headed west back into the harbour. It was starting to get dark and I always get off the water before that point.

River Otter Chowing Down

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I saw this River Otter eating something on this small rock near Strawberry Island. I very slowly moved towards it from the bright side. If he was to look into the bright sun,it might conceal me enough if I was moving slowly! It worked until I got closer. He finally saw me and booked it!

A Small Raft of River Otters

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While I was at Tsappee Narrows,I noticed a small “Raft” of River Otters . They went by me all the while popping up to see exactly what I was . They are such curious creatures.
They range in weight from 11-30 lbs and live for 8-9 years on average. They have the densest fur of any animal on the planet. (60,000 hairs per square cm)
The female gives birth to 1-6 young and the collective terms used to describe them are a “Family,Bevy,Romp,and Raft”.

River Otters Grooming

I had seen these guys coming off of a dock and I shadowed them . They came up onto the dock down at North Sea. There must of been a dozen of them. I’ve never seen this many before!
They all were rubbing themselves all over the docks surface! I think they were transferring their scent onto the wood. Otters are always putting their scent onto everything. They are messy creatures and stinky!
I had to bump my ISO up to 1600 and open my lens all the way again. The light was all gone and there was very little afterglow. My shutter speed was too slow still. This one otter stayed still for a second and I was able to get focus on him. All the others were moving and thats why they were blurred.

River Otters Mating

I came across these River Otters at Deadman Island when I was visiting Romeo and Juliette.
It became obvious after a moment that they were mating. Although ,it looked pretty rough for her. The male seemed to wear her down by putting all his weight onto her and by biting her neck.
Kind of looked like “Bull Riding” but Otter style!
They are a very playful species and very social,except I guess when mating season is in full swing.
Romeo and Juliette were watching from above.( with amusement I’m sure)
Eagles are always watching everything and everybody. It’s very hard to sneak up on a Eagle.

River Otters at Sunset

The fellow on the left must be the dominant Otter. The two others are waiting their turn for any scraps left over.
So as not to spook them ,I went up tide and shut the motor off after heading right for them. I didn’t move as I very gently drifted by them. I had to boost my ISO up to 1000 and that only gave me 1/200th wide open. I had my tele-converter on ,so my largest aperture was 5.6.
I did two passes.