I got a new toy……a drone! When I saw this pod coming into the harbour I got excited! I knew they were heading down Tofino inlet! It’s a dead end,so I also knew I’d catch up with them.

This pod’s catalogue number is the T 109,aka “The Runaway’s”,also known as ‘BIG MOMMA’S” gang. I was very happy to see that they had a new member added to their ranks,a calf!

This pod visits Tofino on an almost regular basis! It’s always exciting to visit with them!

I do not know the name of the large bull,but will try to find out?

When I shot this drone footage I was around 400 meters above and used the zoom to get in closer.

above : Unknown bull (they should call him ‘BIG DADDY”)

Above : This is a shot of Big Momma and her new born calf in the distant.

A closer shot of the calf.


My little feathered friends have come back from their winter vacationing in the south. Most are Rufous with some Anna’s thrown in for good measure.

Around sunset each night their numbers increase dramatically! The collective noun for a group of hummers is a bouquet, charm or shimmer. They gather for “LAST CALL”! They fill up to stay warm during the night. They go into a state of “torpor”. A energy saving mode. So during this “feeding frenzy” they are going CRAZY! The Rufous are actually the ones going crazy, while the Anna’s seem to perch quietly wondering what the ruckus is all about?

During this feeding frenzy period I open the sliding door and just watch and listen to them. By doing this they become familiar with me being there. I like to put my finger out to see If any will perch on it and they do!

Of course I have to remain completely still! Any movement and they are gone instantly! I even found they will take off If somebody walks past within 100 feet!

What you cannot tell is that my hand is being chilled! All the air being disturbed by their wings (50 to 60 times per second) blows the heat away from my hand, making it cold! What you also cannot tell is that when one of them perches on my finger the warmth from their tummies warms that spot up!

So far my perching record is 3.


Romeo above

Juliette above

Delilah above

April’s full moon is called a Pink Moon. It’s also been called the spouting moon,egg moon and fish moon.

For me personally,they are all Eagle moons! Finding my eagle friends perched at the top of a tree was perfect! I do not get many chances to capture the full moon and a eagle. All my (Ducks) Eagles must be in a row,….or at least on top of a tree!