The Stellar Sea struck a shoal up in Warn bay on Saturday.It was on a bear watching trip.I remember that day! I was up there in Fortune Channel as well looking for bears.

I remember the Stellar Sea travelling in the same direction as me.It was behind me.We were both heading northward up Fortune towards Warn bay.I remember thinking I better stay clear of her.She’s a big boat & produces a large wake.I’m in a small boat.Small boats & large wakes do not get along!  I remember coming to the northern end of where I search for bears & turning around,giving the Stellar Sea a wide berth. They continued on to the north & headed south.I guess they struck that shoal minutes later? I do not go up into Warn bay.Too far far me to go. Nobody was injured & the boat was recovered.


20140725-IMG_2332It was cloudy all day today,but I did see a clearing coming up from the south! I decided to head out & take advantage of it!
I normally leave this time of year by 6pm,but because of that cloud delaying me,I left tonight around 7:30pm!
I originally intended on just doing a harbour tour because of time constraints but the tide was perfect for bears,so I rolled the dice & decided to run up to Fortune Channel!
Sure enough I found a Bruin! Took a few shots & because of being short of time, didn’t hang around. Time was short for me!! I started back but my engine had other ideas!
It conked out?? I stopped in the middle of Fortune perplexed!
I had already took it in weeks ago for one of my spark plugs being bent! The cylinder some how must of smacked the plug but the engine shop couldn’t find a single thing wrong? Cost me $160.
So when I took the top spark plug out tonight & saw it had been smacked again,I was pissed! I replaced it with a fresh plug (& the second cyclinder as well) & “tried” to take off again………but I couldn’t! I figured there was no way the fresh plug (top cylinder) could be smacked right off the bat,so thought it must be something else? I motored on at a very slow speed!
I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to make it back to the harbour at this speed & just settled in for the long haul!
After half a hour had gone by,I decided to stop & check that new plug I had put in? Sure enough it had been smacked as well & there was no gap! You need that gap so the spark can jump across & light the vaporized fuel,creating the explosion!
I took my handy dandy knife & pried the prong open to get that gap…..replaced it & tried it,……….it fired up no problem!! I was zipping along again!
By this time the sun had set,so I knew I wasn’t going to get much. I stopped at Tsapee Narrows for a few silhouette shots with my two feathered friends.(Daredevil & Delilah)
I was lucky to be able to do this & happy I did get them!
I called it quits after a few minutes & headed back.

A strange night tonight,but still good! I will have to go back to the shop & show them the damaged plug & ask why is this still happening?