The Stellar Sea struck a shoal up in Warn bay on Saturday.It was on a bear watching trip.I remember that day! I was up there in Fortune Channel as well looking for bears.

I remember the Stellar Sea travelling in the same direction as me.It was behind me.We were both heading northward up Fortune towards Warn bay.I remember thinking I better stay clear of her.She’s a big boat & produces a large wake.I’m in a small boat.Small boats & large wakes do not get along!  I remember coming to the northern end of where I search for bears & turning around,giving the Stellar Sea a wide berth. They continued on to the north & headed south.I guess they struck that shoal minutes later? I do not go up into Warn bay.Too far far me to go. Nobody was injured & the boat was recovered.


20140725-IMG_2332It was cloudy all day today,but I did see a clearing coming up from the south! I decided to head out & take advantage of it!
I normally leave this time of year by 6pm,but because of that cloud delaying me,I left tonight around 7:30pm!
I originally intended on just doing a harbour tour because of time constraints but the tide was perfect for bears,so I rolled the dice & decided to run up to Fortune Channel!
Sure enough I found a Bruin! Took a few shots & because of being short of time, didn’t hang around. Time was short for me!! I started back but my engine had other ideas!
It conked out?? I stopped in the middle of Fortune perplexed!
I had already took it in weeks ago for one of my spark plugs being bent! The cylinder some how must of smacked the plug but the engine shop couldn’t find a single thing wrong? Cost me $160.
So when I took the top spark plug out tonight & saw it had been smacked again,I was pissed! I replaced it with a fresh plug (& the second cyclinder as well) & “tried” to take off again………but I couldn’t! I figured there was no way the fresh plug (top cylinder) could be smacked right off the bat,so thought it must be something else? I motored on at a very slow speed!
I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to make it back to the harbour at this speed & just settled in for the long haul!
After half a hour had gone by,I decided to stop & check that new plug I had put in? Sure enough it had been smacked as well & there was no gap! You need that gap so the spark can jump across & light the vaporized fuel,creating the explosion!
I took my handy dandy knife & pried the prong open to get that gap…..replaced it & tried it,……….it fired up no problem!! I was zipping along again!
By this time the sun had set,so I knew I wasn’t going to get much. I stopped at Tsapee Narrows for a few silhouette shots with my two feathered friends.(Daredevil & Delilah)
I was lucky to be able to do this & happy I did get them!
I called it quits after a few minutes & headed back.

A strange night tonight,but still good! I will have to go back to the shop & show them the damaged plug & ask why is this still happening?


20130318-IMG_7569When I see these guys out & about,I know the tourist season has started! Whale Festival is on at the moment & the tourists are flocking to Tofino to see the migrating whales.

Update: (Oct 28th/15)
There is a better idea of what happened now. The boat was west of Vargas island close to Plover rocks. Plover rock is a Sea Lion haul out.
The Leviathan II must of been on the west side of Plover rock? It was reported that everyone was on the top deck port side. That meant it had to be pointing due south while being on the west side of Plover rock.
Everyone would of been looking towards the east where the Lions were on the rocks. Waves normally come from the west. Everyone would of been looking eastward. With everyone on the top deck (24 people) this made the centre of gravity much higher than normal.
A large wave must of rolled in from behind them without anyone seeing it?
With the centre of gravity being too high,when the wave struck them,she rolled over!
This sums up basically what I believe happened,but keep in mind I am speculating.


A friend was driving this whale watching boat (Wayne Dolby). He came by at just the right moment & I asked him to pose with the boat. I loved that setting “fire” sun in the background but needed a foreground subject.
So he obliged happily! In hindsight,I should of handed out my business card to the folks! Never know if I could of made a sale?

The Nerela 1 and Jamies Zodiac(Riptide)

20100825-20100825-IMG_6911The sailing boat Nerela 1 can be seen coming into the harbour from the north here. You can also see the Zodiac “Riptide”from Jamies zipping by. I saw the Zodiac coming into the harbour from the west and just waited for it to cross with the sailing boat.
The village Opitsat on Meares Island can be seen in the background as well.