These shots are out of order to be honest.These are the first shots I took.When I spotted Valiant he was pretty far back from the waters edge.In order to get closer I had to very quietly beach my boat around the corner & as quietly as I could walk along the shore, peek around the corner. When I did I could see that he had heard me & so was very alert looking around!

He soon settled down to have a afternoon nap.





I found the strangest thing tonight! I found a parachute!  I found it at the end of Gunner inlet & “Valiant” was right beside it! Maybe he parachuted  in from parts unknown?

I use to parachute myself.When I spotted Valiant in this small bay at the back of Gunner inlet I also spotted some flotsam as well.I was curious what it was & so glassed it with my lens.The first thing that came to mind as to what it was ….was a parachute! I quickly dismissed that idea. I looked up how much a parachute costs these days.They are around $8000. So one would not go leaving their chute laying around or loose it “some how” over the water. It may be a pilots rig that accidentally fell out of a plane?Over the course of time both chutes would of been released & became hopelessly entangled!

Who knows…..maybe it’s the lost lost parachute of D.B.Cooper?

Update: (May 11th) – the chute may of come from this plane crash?

Update:(May 17th) – I found out through a friend that two guys (one guy was a parachutist & had his own chute) use to live at the mouth of Gunner inlet on float houses 15 years ago or so.They were growing some pot down at the far end of Gunner.One of the guys stole the whole crop,so the other guy threw the guys chute in the ocean in retaliation.




I went up into Fortune Channel looking for bears tonight.I saw one almost immediately but decided not to photograph it.It was too far from the shore.I like it when they are down by the shore.I was sure I’d find one closer to the shore further along………..but didn’t! I looked all over but couldn’t find a one.”Bugsy” wasn’t even around & to add insult to injury when I went back to find that first bear It was gone.Plus the area was now in shade as well!

So no bears tonight. I came up bearless.



A few people have said that “Bugsy” is a huge bear! I know him to be a average bear & wondered why? After looking at the picture more closely I believe I know why! His body is slightly angled.We see his left side sticking out & assume it’s because of such a great girth but in reality it’s only because of being slightly angled.





I came across this bear tonight.It was a 4 to 5 year old male.Looks like he had a bout of mange on his face. Because mange is basically tiny bugs that borrow under the skin,I’m calling this guy “Bugsy”.

Notice the difference between the second & third shot.The difference is because the sun went away for 15 minutes.So Bugsy was in shade.




I like this perching spot because I can get the mountain side in! But Maggie doesn’t ever perch here.However she did tonight & watching her was funny. It’s right out in the open so the wind was hitting her strongly.So I could see how she was constantly adjusting her position to maintain balance!




This is Romeo. Where Romeo & Juliette live is in a spot that gets hit by a NW wind.Usually by the end of the day the wind dies down,so by the time I come to visit them the wind isn’t a issue. Well………tonight it sure was! The waves were smacking me & getting everything wet.It also was blowing me out of position very quickly! So I only took a few shots & said goodnight to them both. Sunset was mediocre anyways.



I went camping for four days.Didn’t find a single bear out & about.I was heading back home when I spotted this big boy sleeping away! I recognized him immediately! It was “Big Red”! He’s the only bear that makes me nervous. He tries to stare me down instead of scooting away. He’s a older male bear,so I’m guessing he’s a tad long in the tooth when it comes to humans.