Jack Black in Car Scene

They did a car scene down Main St. tonight. Steve Martin was in the drivers seat and Jack Black was on the passengers side. They did a scene with rain coming down onto the car from sprinklers set up on a moving trailer.
Notice the padding on the roof to reduce the sound of the water hitting.

Jack Black Getting Makeup Done

Earlier ,I got Steve Martin and Owen Wilson,but Jack Black stayed all the way down the end of the Finger.
This evening shoot made up for the afternoon’s. I only got him in the evening shoot.There was alot of people buzzing about between him and me. I finally got my chance with a clear view and took it. A few moments later.Security pushed me off the street. They needed nobody on the street when they came down the hill filming.

Steve Martin,Owen Wilson and Jack Black on Set

I normally don’t do these kind of shoots, as most of you already know. However I was asked to step in at the last moment and to try and get some shots.
While I was waiting on the street for something to happen ,a woman from the Movie crew came over to me and told me that I had better be careful! She told me that guys like me are treated rough by the Grips on Set! She basically pissed me off and I became more serious as a result! I didn’t get any shots on Thursday.
I became more determined the next day (Friday), and as a result and decided to find a spot where I could shoot these guys and not be bothered. I found a good angle up on the hill above the dock,but I had to be 300 meters away!
I got my big lens out and started shooting.
In this scene,Steve Martin ( running on the dock in blue) is arriving almost too late ! A bunch of Birders are on the boat and they were going out in the boat ,The Auklet.

Steve Martin Running

This was shot a few seconds before the shot above. It was Mr. Martin’s(bottom right in blue) cue to come running up to the boat yelling and getting them to stop and let him on.
They re-shot this scene many times.
I noticed something about the boat they are using. The Auklet. I noticed it when it first came into the harbour. For some reason it’s listing to the Port! I have no idea why!
While out on a shoot on the outside,it struck a well known reef off of Tonquin Beach!I was going out in my boat that night and saw divers with their gear.It didn’t dawn on me then why they were there. I figured that they were just part of the shoot. They were there to check the bottom of the boat for damage. It must of been just a big dent,because they continued using it!