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Jack Black and Steve Martin in Car Scene at Sunset

Rain Trailer

Jack Black in Car Scene

Mr. Black’s Profile

Jack Black Getting Makeup Done

Steve Martin,Owen Wilson and Jack Black on Set

Steve Martin Running

Action !

Steve Martin and Owen Wilson (plus his dog,Garcia)

Steve Martin and Owen Wilson Waiting for Their Cue

Steve Martin and Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson and Steve Martin Chatting After Take

Owen Wilson and Steve Martin

Owen Wilson on Tug Boat with Steve Martin in Background


Jack Black on the Auklet

Jack Black

Owen Wilson Smiling At Woman Taking Care Of His Dog On Set

Steve Martin After Take


Steve Martin

Steve Martin Looking (BUSTED)

Steve Martin

Owen Wilson And His Dog ,Garcia

Owen Wilson (left) Pointing At Steve Martin(right) On The Auklet

Steve Martin Running

Overall Scene

Jack Black

Steve Martin (blue) and Owen Wilson (yellow)

Owen Wilson After Take

Steve Martin and Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson Being Greeted By His Dog

Owen Wilson on Set “The Big Year”


Owen Wilson,Steve Martin and Anjelica Houston