20140327-IMG_780120140327-IMG_7804When I woke up this morning I didn’t know I’d be going out? It was heavily overcast & raining!
As the day progressed,conditions improved! However,by the time I got out it was much later than normal! Also,the wind had kicked up from the SE & held me in the harbour only. I made the best of it,after all……..beggars can’t be choosey!
I went to visit with Moe & Maggie first off & than Romeo/Juliette. Moe seems distant for some reason,almost like he’s pissed at me? Maybe he’s heard I call Maggie my girlfriend & is jealous!
Because of being cramped into the harbour only,my subject material was limited folks,but it was still great to get out!
The sunset was cancelled too btw! With all the dramatic clouds around I was looking forward to it,but a large cloud system moved up from the south to snuff those thoughts!


20140324-IMG_778420140324-IMG_7785I wasn’t able to get out today because of a nasty thick large cloud moving in when I wanted to head out!
As your all already aware of,I rarely take shots of things which are not natural. I have watched over the years this rag tag collection of shoes grow! It’s right beside the skate park & this geographic position probably better explains WHY!
I can only assume that when it rains,the weight must increase tremendously! That line is going to come down sooner or later I bet!


20140322-IMG_762120140322-IMG_762320140322-IMG_762420140322-IMG_762720140322-IMG_7642When I woke up this morning,it was overcast & raining! The official prediction for the day seemed to follow that observation.
I looked at the satellite early in the morning & saw a clearing 400 klicks north & approaching! I knew it would arrive later in the afternoon.
I went for a walk with a friend on the beach & saw the clearing arriving later in the day. I decided to head back & go out!
Problem was that I was leaving several hours late! The time that it took me to put the boat in the water & back out, was about the same amount of time I got for taking the shots!
Low clouds in the west made the light very dramatic near sunset! Well worth all the work for the short amount of time I had to play.
I went straight to Deadman Island to visit with Romeo. I didn’t see Juliette,but assume she was hidden in the nest?
Romeo came over to his throne & perched beautifully for me! He did it twice!
Because the time was short,I raced away to visit with Maggie before the sun disappeared. I was like a busy little bee going from flower to flower!
I only got the usual suspects tonight!
Every second was a thrill!


20140321-IMG_747220140321-IMG_7473Maggie made a mistake & almost went into the ocean! Eagles do do this from time to time. They flap/swim to shore if it is close by. If the shore is not close by,they become hypothermic,loose muscle power & drown.
Maggie only slightly went in & recovered nicely! I was still surprised to see her do this however!