20140725-IMG_2332It was cloudy all day today,but I did see a clearing coming up from the south! I decided to head out & take advantage of it!
I normally leave this time of year by 6pm,but because of that cloud delaying me,I left tonight around 7:30pm!
I originally intended on just doing a harbour tour because of time constraints but the tide was perfect for bears,so I rolled the dice & decided to run up to Fortune Channel!
Sure enough I found a Bruin! Took a few shots & because of being short of time, didn’t hang around. Time was short for me!! I started back but my engine had other ideas!
It conked out?? I stopped in the middle of Fortune perplexed!
I had already took it in weeks ago for one of my spark plugs being bent! The cylinder some how must of smacked the plug but the engine shop couldn’t find a single thing wrong? Cost me $160.
So when I took the top spark plug out tonight & saw it had been smacked again,I was pissed! I replaced it with a fresh plug (& the second cyclinder as well) & “tried” to take off again………but I couldn’t! I figured there was no way the fresh plug (top cylinder) could be smacked right off the bat,so thought it must be something else? I motored on at a very slow speed!
I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to make it back to the harbour at this speed & just settled in for the long haul!
After half a hour had gone by,I decided to stop & check that new plug I had put in? Sure enough it had been smacked as well & there was no gap! You need that gap so the spark can jump across & light the vaporized fuel,creating the explosion!
I took my handy dandy knife & pried the prong open to get that gap…..replaced it & tried it,……….it fired up no problem!! I was zipping along again!
By this time the sun had set,so I knew I wasn’t going to get much. I stopped at Tsapee Narrows for a few silhouette shots with my two feathered friends.(Daredevil & Delilah)
I was lucky to be able to do this & happy I did get them!
I called it quits after a few minutes & headed back.

A strange night tonight,but still good! I will have to go back to the shop & show them the damaged plug & ask why is this still happening?


20140721-IMG_216920140721-IMG_2170It was good enough to head out today. The clouds had parted & the sun was out in all it’s glory!
It was high tide when I headed out,so I knew the chances of me finding any of my furry friends wandering around………….. wasn’t good! Headed up to Fortune Channel to see if I could prove my doubts wrong…………….but only ended up confirming them! I did two passes along the eastern shore & didn’t find a single one of my furry friends. They must of all been napping……………or on line surfing? Can’t blame them,I would be too If I could.

Decided to leave Fortune & head back to the harbour. When I came around the SE corner of Meares island I knew the nights shoot was coming to a close real fast!! (before I left tonight,I checked out the visible satellite site. I could see this large solid band of cloud creeping down from the north!)
So when I saw that massive solid wall of cloud advancing eastward,I wasn’t shocked!
I could see that I had about 15 minutes at best to get a few shots.I also knew that the only eagles I’d be getting tonight would be the Tsapee Narrows couple……..the Daredevil & Delilah!
Turns out Delilah wasn’t around,but the Daredevil did go back & forth to the nest,so I assumed she was busy at the nest?
It was just two guys,the Daredevil & little old me! I could only get a few shots,but I did enjoy being with my feathered friend! He’s brings a huge smile to my face!
The air was calm,so when he went by me (close) I could feel the air blast! It’s an a amazing sound that comes off of their wings! If you ever get close enough to hear it,you’ll never forget it!
After taking my shots,the sun was snuffed for the night & that was all she wrote for tonight. Headed back to Tofino’s harbour.
I did run into a Blue Heron near Strawberry Island & after a few shots,called it quits!
Short shoot tonight but still had fun!