Heading Back

You can see how the fog was moving into Tofino Inlet. It does this every day in August ,or as it has been nick named “Fogust”!
When the sun sets,the cooler conditions allows the fog to move in. During the day when it is hot,the fog is held at bay,but just wait when the sun starts to slip down in the sky! You’ll see the Fog tongues start to push and feel it’s way into the inlets! It gets chilly as well & when it does one must always dress warmly for these occasions. The tourists see me heading out in hot weather all dressed up with warm clothes and must think I’m off my rocker!

Whale Watching Zodiac at Sunset

The light was being interrupted by these clouds,so I headed back into the harbour. I thought I might head out to the Lighthouse because of the moon.
This Zodiac and another were coming from the same place I was and went by me in the harbour. I continued on past the harbour and tried to make it out there(Lighthouse) before sunset.

Whale Watching Zodiac

This is one of the boats that stayed out to shadow the Orca’s with me. He was on the west of them and I was on the east.I zoomed in and all you could see were huge smiles.
He was circling because they had given us the slip. They went deep and were cruising.
I saw a rainstorm coming and decided to book it. Besides the light had already gone and the sun was about to set.