A man and his Dog

I caught these two walking along Chesterman’s right at sunset. The sun is setting further and further north.

Sunset Jumping

These two girls were jumping together and I just lined them up with the sun,however the darkness of the beach cuts off some of their outline. I always try to keep my subjects in a high contrast. It forces the eye to be drawn to it more !

Moon Flight (close up)

The reason why some planes leave a Con Trail,(condensation) is the temperature difference. Hot engine air ,hits the cold air outside air. Simple as that.(high humidity)
When you go out in the winter time ,you can see your breath in the air. Same thing. Warm air meets cold air.
When you see a plane and there is no Con trail behind it,it means that the surrounding air is warmer.(lower humidity)

I almost missed this. I was looking towards the western horizon and this guy was coming up from the SE behind me.
The full moon is coming up. I think the best opportunity to shoot the moon is going to be on April 26.(Monday) The moon rises at 6:57 pm and the sun sets at 8:33 pm. That gives you 96 minutes in between. The next day,Tuesday the 27th has the moon rising at 8:18pm and the sun sets 17 minutes later at 8:35pm. Thats too late to get anything. By the time the moon has cleared the horizon,the sun will be gone.
Remember that these times are for Tofino only. You have to calculate your Lat. and Long. Go to the “Farmers Almanac ” site and go to the Sun/Moon . You can plug in your location and figure it out. However,you know that the difference is only going to be a few minutes here or there.
Of course if it’s raining out,your screwed. There’s only 12 times a year that you can shoot the moon and half of those are usually no good because of inclement weather.
Take advantage of it if you can!
UPDATE: I’m writing this now on Tuesday the 27th. The clouds were out,so I wasn’t! This is another full moon that will have to wait for next month………

Cox Rainbow

I went out to the far side of Frank Island tonight.
A rain storm passed over from the west and proceeded to the east behind me. When it did this,from my vantage point the sunlight was able to hit these rain drops and split the light up into it’s individual wavelengths and thus a rainbow!
The gulls on the left hand side had a great view as well.