The sunset was gorgeous but I couldn’t find anything for a subject in the foreground! I saw this Water taxi “Native Sunrise” moving through the harbour & rushed over to get a shot!
I think the sweet spot tonight would of been out at Lennard Lighthouse!
It’s all about being at the right place at the right time!

The “Miss Danielle”

I finally was able to get out today! The Winters in Tofino can be a hard place to be if your a lover of the “Great Outdoors”! It looks like only one day this week at best too!
I went down to Cannery to visit with the Lions. The tide was high so I couldn’t find any of them in their normal spots! They were on & by the float! Also on what I am calling “Kenfalls Point”. It’s a point of land near a creek called “Kenfalls”.
This point of land is a spot they hauled out on last year. I noticed that the Lions were not just around the shore edge on this point of land. They actually were inside the forest! I found that strange & reported it to Rod Palm .( a local Whale/animal expert)
He told me that the only other known spot where the Lions haul out into the forest was up in Alaska! I went around the point to see if they were inside the forest and a few were,but mostly around the shore. I suspect that when their numbers increase & space becomes a premium,that there will be more of them on the inside.
Once again I think their numbers are less than what they should be or at least what I’m use to. I have no idea why? They may be further down the Inlet hauled out somewhere? I am going to have to take extra fuel & go check this out!
On the positive side,the float inside Cannery is in the light finally! The earth’s axis is moving enough to the south that the sun is now higher than that mountain to the SW. It has been blocking the sun all Winter!
The wind started kicking up,so I figured I better head back. The Inlet was capping from the NW winds,so I went to the north side of the Inlet where the wind lee was.
On the way back I visited with the Daredevil/Delilah at Tsapee Narrows,as well as Moe/Maggie & Romeo/Juliette. They all seemed to be in good spirits.
Romeo & Juliette were concerned about a neighbor getting too close to their territory however. I was lucky enough to capture the moment they both took off to intercept said Intruder!
Many fishing boats were coming back into the harbour at sunset. The Geo-Duck opening must still be happening.
I didn’t get as much as I hoped,but it was still a great day to be out!

Harbour Snow Pano

It was a cold day in Tofino today! We got some snow on the local mountains!
I love snow and do camp outs in it.There no such thing as bad weather…….only bad clothing!
As long as your dressed properly (& thats the point) ,being outdoors and camping in the snow, can offer a very unique perspective of Mother Nature!

I took a few shots today just to show you that Tofino “does” get snow on occasion! The light was moody at best! Not my cup of tea!
I would prefer snow in golden light,thank you very much!
I obviously did not go out today in my boat. When I don’t get the light,I see no reason to go! Yes one can,but “should” one is a better question!
Just a few today folks.

“Native Sunrise” & Lone Cone

The Native Sunrise is a local Water Taxi. If you want to go somewhere,these are the guys you’ll be phoning for.
Lone Cone is in the background. I always use it as a gauge on how high the clouds are? I’d guess that the cloud ceiling is around 900 meters and the freezing limit is about 300 meters or so? You can see the snowline along Lone Cones mid-base.