Strawberry island is a small island in Tofino’s harbour. You could swim to it. It’s owned by Rod Palm. A very interesting man in his own right. Rod has been the eyes and ears for whales in the Tofino area for many a year now!

On his island are two tree spires that Ernie and Ethel love to perch on. When I know there are zero clouds to the west,I sometimes come down here to try and get a few eagle/mountain shots! If there are clouds to the west,the setting suns light will be snuffed.

I went down a few nights ago and basically stood around for 1 1/2 hours and nobody came to perch? Strawberry island is about 500 yards away from me, and those mountains (Strathcona) are 22 miles north of Tofino.

I went tonight to see If anybody was home and sure enough there was! I think It was Ethel? Hard to tell at this distance? I say Ethel because she’s taken off before. It’s like she senses me looking at her and so bugs out! Ernie doesn’t do that,but she does. So I think it was her.

From the time I arrived to the point she took off was only a few minutes. I waited for 70 minutes more but nobody came home.

Glad I got her at least,even If she doesn’t like me very much.






Its been 22 days since I last went out on one of my evening shoots. The weather has been poor over January,but thats to be expected this time of year. January has more raincoats than sunglasses.

So it was great to get out and visit with my fine feathered friends! I visited “The Daredevil”,Maggie and Romeo. I saw Juliette looking on from a distance but she’s always been a tad distant. They each seemed to be their chirppy happy selves!






Ernie & Ethel have the best seat in the harbour! Their nest tree is on Strawberry island, specifically the NE corner. Their favourite place to perch is on this tree. Eagles always want the highest spot so they can see whats going on around them.

Those mountains in background are in Strathcona Park over 22 miles away.I used my large focal length lens to shoot these. Longer focal lengths bring the background seemingly closer.(compression)

Notice that mist layer in the first shot. That mist forms because of warmer moist air coming off of the ocean. The warmer air rises, chills & condenses due to the small glacier laying underneath. The soft pinkish colour is perfect but lasts only a few minutes.



The first snows have fallen up in the mountains. This is Mt.Mariner in Strathcona park.I keep a eye on this area because I’ve noticed something a bit odd. In the winter time there always seems to be a low level cloud hanging around in this spot. I now have figured out why.During the summer the spot directly below the cloud never melts.Meaning It’s a solid chunk of ice.,a small glacier! So during the winter this spot is much colder than the surrounding air.The air coming off of the ocean contains lots of moisture.When moist air is cooled,dew point is reached  & so fog forms.

I’d love to go & camp in this spot! The photo opportunities look fantastic!





I was so happy to find my feathered girlfriend “Maggie” back! I haven’t a clue where she’s been?I saw her partner “Moe” as well.I know it was him as he was so standoffish.

“Maggie” seemed to be looking at me & wondering why I was worried about her not being around!




We had 4 hours of sunshine today. I had been watching the next Frontal system moving in on the satellite site. So I knew the sunset was snuffed. No point in going out in my boat or out to the beach.So I rode down the road to see if either Ernie or Ethel was hanging around on their Strawberry island perch? Sure enough,one of them was!






I found Ernie & Ethel sitting side by side! I don’t see them doing that very often.It’s mating season so they tend to hang out a lot together.So much so that when Ethel took off,Ernie joined her seconds later!




I’ve noticed this localized geographic phenomenon before. Notice the mist & where it lays.I’ve seen the same phenomenon occur in the same spot many times. The mist is over a very large area.

Warm air is coming off of the ocean full of moisture.This warm moist air meets the cold mountains,the air chills,dew point is reached & fog happens.The contour of the mountain must focus the air mass. I’d like to see some time lapse.I bet it would move like water.

btw…..thats Ethel singing a song.