Radar Beach Fly By

The light was terrible today,so I didn’t bring the camera out. A mini high pressure system is suppose to move in tomorrow. So maybe I’ll have something fresh for you guys?

I shot this originally on Oct 4rth/09. I went up in a plane near sunset. I love the long shadows! It gives texture to a otherwise flat looking surface. One of the problems with Aerial photography is that the land tends to flatten out!
Thats why I only go near sunset. I get not only the texture but also get the golden light! A win win in my books!!

This is Radar beach. It is at the base of Radar hill. The trail to the beach is not on the official Park plan,but it is a very popular path for people to take. Another unofficial trail is the one to the crashed Cansol airplane! That crash is on the south side of Radar Hill at the base of the hill.

Airplane wreck on the South Slope of Radar Hill

This is a Canso 11007 amphibious airplane resting on it’s belly on the southern slope of Radar hill.
It crashed on Feb 10/45 around 11pm. It had 12 people on board and all survived! Praise was given to the pilot (Ronnie Scholes) for stalling the plane at the right moment against the slopping hillside! They had alot of fuel on board and several 250 lb depth charges. (This plane was not a bomber at this time. It was a “Dumbo” and not a “Cat”. It was simply transporting the bombs)They must of gotten a helicopter later to lift those bombs out of there.
They had just taken off before midnight and the Port engine quit on them. They were already low,so the pilot could only fly straight.
After the crash ,a fire ensued from that Port engine and the pilot put it out with a fire extinguisher.
They set up a make shift tent with a parachute and addressed the wounded. The first plane to check out the accident didn’t take off untill 3 am. They could hear shouting from the airport and a planes engine starting up.
When it went over,they shot off a flare and thought they didn’t see them,because it just went past the hill. However,it came around the other side of the hill and dropped a flare of there own.
Everyone was scarred that the flare was going to ignite the fuel spilled all over the place and that they would surly die.
It didn’t and they survived. they packed everyone else out in the morning and the plane remains there to this day.
The Park would like people to not go there,but the truth is that it is probably the most visited site!