20130117-IMG_244320130117-IMG_244420130117-IMG_2445This is a “Peale’s Peregrine Falcon & is a youngster. He/she is visiting us from Haida Gwaii. I almost didn’t see it! It swooped down at a bird on the waters surface,which made that bird promptly dive under very quickly! It was hanging out on a branch waiting for that bird to come back up! It knows that bird can only hold it’s breath for so long!
I’ve seen this waiting game before with Eagles. The eagle will dive at the bird racing along close to the waters surface & when almost on top of it,the bird than dives into the water very fast! The eagle than goes to the closest perch spot to rest up. After a minute or so,the bird comes shooting out of the water like a Patriarch Missile & the eagle takes to the chase again!
This whole process repeats again & again until the eagle wears down this poor creature! It’s still a 50/50 proposition however! Sometimes the bird lasts longer than the eagle is willing to pursue & sometimes Mr.Eagle has take out KFC!
This sequence shows it taking off after resting because that bird reemerged & was trying to make a getaway!