I was able to get out this afternoon. I went down to Cannery Bay to check and see if any Sea Lions had taken up residence…….and no they had not yet!
However,I did come across one lonely looking Californian Sea Lion “outstanding in it’s field”! (you’ll see)
I than continued north to Tranquil Inlet to check out the salmon run and maybe some bears? There were no bears (lots of signs that they had been there however) but there were thousands of salmon!
Chum and Springs mostly I think!
I went up Tranquil creek to the old bridge and than turned and came back. I always love going up Tranquil! It’s shallow going up the river,so I had to kick up my motor to draft less and even than my prop hit a few stones lightly!
I could see thousands of salmon darting all around me in huge schools! The bottom went black in spots! Good to see!
I than headed back to Tofino. On my way in,I went past Rankin Cove and saw the barge “Makah”. It was being loaded up with logs but the guys had gone for the day,so there was no activity.
The light by this time had failed. Some clouds had moved in from the west and that was all she wrote for the days shoot!
As always,it was great to get out!


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I went into Cannery Bay to see if there were any Sea Lions about and turns out that there wasn’t!
This is the first I have seen this spot since the Spring. I noticed that things have grown back very nicely! Amazing how Nature can do that!
I included a shot from the Spring when this area looked alittle more down trodden!