I was able to get out this afternoon. I went down to Cannery Bay to check and see if any Sea Lions had taken up residence…….and no they had not yet!
However,I did come across one lonely looking Californian Sea Lion “outstanding in it’s field”! (you’ll see)
I than continued north to Tranquil Inlet to check out the salmon run and maybe some bears? There were no bears (lots of signs that they had been there however) but there were thousands of salmon!
Chum and Springs mostly I think!
I went up Tranquil creek to the old bridge and than turned and came back. I always love going up Tranquil! It’s shallow going up the river,so I had to kick up my motor to draft less and even than my prop hit a few stones lightly!
I could see thousands of salmon darting all around me in huge schools! The bottom went black in spots! Good to see!
I than headed back to Tofino. On my way in,I went past Rankin Cove and saw the barge “Makah”. It was being loaded up with logs but the guys had gone for the day,so there was no activity.
The light by this time had failed. Some clouds had moved in from the west and that was all she wrote for the days shoot!
As always,it was great to get out!


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I went into Cannery Bay to see if there were any Sea Lions about and turns out that there wasn’t!
This is the first I have seen this spot since the Spring. I noticed that things have grown back very nicely! Amazing how Nature can do that!
I included a shot from the Spring when this area looked alittle more down trodden!

Take Nothing But Pictures And Leave Nothing But Footprints!

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Whenever I see something like this out in Nature,it makes me angry! When I go out in Nature I do not want to see signs of others being there!
I equate something like this to a wolf pissing on it’s territory! “I was here,this is mine,stay away”
Whoever built this took alot of effort to make it! I normally knock these down when I come across them. It’s rude to put up these kind of things. Some humans cannot resist telling others that they were there before them! They have to put up something that says “I was here”.
It really pisses me off when I see these stupid things. People who do these kind of things, are not the kind of people that get out in Nature very often.
This rocky island is also a Harbour Seal haul out. I had to spook them to get close enough to take these shots. I didn’t want to bother them anymore than I had to,so I didn’t go up on the rock to dismantle this cairn!
Next time I am in the nieghbourhood,she’s being dismantled. There is no reason for someone to do this!
I even on one occasion came across a plaque out in Nature. Someone had died and his or her friends had scattered their ashes in that spot. Which is fine. I have no problem with that. It’s when they make a plaque and cement it to a rock for all to see!
You hike all the way to get out into a beautiful spot and than while your still huffing and puffing,you look down and see this plaque!
I find that very rude! If more people did something like that,the great outdoors would look like our highways! Lots of crosses all over the place where people have died in accidents!
This cairn’s days are marked……trust me!

Blue Heron Sunset

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We are in a mini high pressure system right now.So the weather/light is great! I always fill my rubber boots when I can in that regard.
I originally wanted to head down to Cannery bay to see if any Sea Lions have taken up residence yet, as well as head north from there to check on the spawning salmon/bears in Tranquil creek!
I got out a little later than what I had wanted to,so decided to do that trip for tomorrow. It is further for me and requires more time to do.
I instead went up to Fortune Channel to check on the bear situation. The tide was dropping (fast) but was not low enough to coax the bears out yet!
So I didn’t run into any bears. They would be waiting until later so that the best rocks are available!
There are more crabs underneath rocks further from shore than close to shore. The rocks closer to shore get overturned much more and as a result have less delicious crab for supper! The bears know this and wait until the water is further out to come by and shop the supermarket.
(That was a long explanation as to why I do not have any bears for you folks!)
I did run into a pod of Harbour Porpoises however! They are tricky to shoot! You just never know when they are going to pop up for a nano-second!

Than I went back into town and ran into some Herons hunting. The daredevil was out and about but couldn’t be bothered to move it’s butt!
Romeo on the other hand was cool! Juliette did show up as well for an appearance.
It was good to see them again! I always miss them when they go away on their well deserved summer/fall vacation after raising their young!

Another fantastic afternoon out in “PARADISE” folks!

Harbour Paddle

What you cannot see or appreciate in this shot folks ,is that the tide/water was moving much faster than normal! The tide was heading out and the difference between the high and low was over 12 feet! Thats a hug amount of weight! When that weight wants to head out after filling up all the inlets does whatever it wants! In other words it’s not a place for the inexperienced and thats what is happening here.This group was being guided by the fellow to the right.
He stopped everyone half way across the harbour behind a rocky island for shelter and than made a dash across the harbour!
The fast moving current can carry a inexperienced paddler a long ways away before they realize that they are heading out to the ocean and are too tired to do anything about it!
Next stop Japan!

Harbour Porpoise’s

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The only way I can get any shots of these quick moving animals is to shut the motor off and listen! All the while hoping that one of them pops up near me? They usually take two breaths before sounding.
The first, is to tell you “here I am” be ready for the second breath if you want a picture of me!

Meares Island Forest Pano

This is not the easiest place to get to! You have to use a boat & have a high tide,than hike a bit!
I do not want to say where it is exactly,but has always been a very relaxing spot for me personally!
This is a grove of Sitka Spruce and they are all original growth. Hundreds of years for each large tree!
They were growing long before Columbus stumbled upon the islands off of America!
Once a old tree is cut down,that spot will never ever grow another tree as big!
Because it would never be left alone for 800 years to grow with us around! The oldest any tree can count on growing is around 80 years!
Thats why Original growth is not sustainable and should be left alone! It’s almost gone on the island anyways!
As long as there are pockets in this world,these trees are in danger of being cut down!!


(I had to reuse this shot)
Well,I went out tonight with one purpose and one purpose only…… get that trail camera dug out of the sand!
I landed on the beach and new instantly that it was gone! I couldn’t see or find it anywhere! The beach had been scoured clean! It looked like a totally new beach! I walked up the beach searched everywhere but no camera. It was in a waterproof housing but I suspect that the salt water most likely would of gotten in and she was toast in seconds after being hit! Very large fresh trees had been uprooted and would of been like battering rams to anything on the beach.
I did find the post,but it had been snapped and the camera case was gone!
Looks like the ocean is interested in photography! I have the card from it however so Mother Nature won’t be taking any pictures soon!!
I did find that Elephant Seal carcass however! But without a camera to record the wildlife,it seems a mute point!

I went on my merry way down Browning Pass and to Tsappee Narrows. Neither the Daredevil or his mate ,Delilah were home.
Romeo was however!
I just puttered around trying to save the afternoons shoot.


The clouds broke after almost a week of stormy weather! I couldn’t wait to get out! It seems so long!
The first thing I did was go check on my trail camera. I found that the storm waves had moved it further into the beach and buried it partially!
I got the card out of it and just left it for the night. I will have to go back tomorrow with a shovel and dig it out.
The carcass is still in the area as well & it’s even further back towards the forest line!

For the rest of the night…….I went up into Fortune Channel looking for bears. I came across two bears tonight.
No eagles today. I think they are all still on vacation at the spawning grounds?
Great to get out after being shut out for so long!
UPDATE : I couldn’t get back to the camera the next day. It took two days and by the time I got back with a shovel,it was gone!
The ocean has taken it!
The carcass was still there however!

The “EYES” Have It!

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I remember camping up in Algonquin park (Opeongo Lake). I always try to camp on islands to minimize animal traffic around camp.
One night someone howled to see if there were any wolfs around. We got a answer back almost immediately, and than another over there and another over in a different spot!
A hour later I shined the flash light towards the shore and remember seeing 7 pairs of these piercing eyes staring back at me!
I didn’t sleep well that night.