20140915-20140915-IMG_7418-2I didn’t shoot this today. I shot it on Sept 15th/2014. Because our weather is BAD! I know I’m not going to be getting out any time soon,so I thought I’d start posting some shots I’ve taken recently.
I was looking northward when I shot this. Tofino is situated on the north end of the Eoswista peninsula. It’s at the end of the Trans Canada Highway.


20140915-IMG_7275I went up in a Helicopter today. A local environmental group wanted shots of some pristine valleys.I took 666 shots! Good thing I’m not superstitious!
We used Atleo Air’s helicopter (Bell 206-B Jet Ranger). I’ve used these helicopters a lot when I use to be a exploration Geologist.
These Helicopters are right up there with Otters & Beavers for bush flying!

I even had enough time to rush out in my boat for a short sunset harbour shoot too!
I went to visit Romeo as soon as I got out! I couldn’t see him anywhere on his island but soon saw him flying to greet me! Juliette must still be down at the salmon run?
Hung around with my feathered friend for awhile & than took off to try & squeeze in other subjects for the evening shoot.
The Heron’s are all around the harbour! They seem to be everywhere. So I was able to get a few of them with that gorgeous setting sun.
I spied a fishing boat coming in with a large black smoke trail! I wondered if it was on fire & went to investigate? It did have a fire but it wasn’t serious. It looked like the exhaust pipe had accumulated some carbon build up from the diesel & had ignited. I don’t even think they were aware that there was a flame coming from the top of the pipe?

Had a very busy day today! Got the best of the air & water today!


20110628-20091003-IMG_6121I took this on OCT 3RD,2010. I had to wait 17 months to get this shot. I wanted to get a shot at sunset,from the air when the full moon was rising!
I got one shot at it per month. I needed to have no clouds in the west & no clouds to the east! If there were clouds to the west,the sun would be blocked & the land would be too dark. If there were clouds to the east,than I would have the light but wouldn’t be able to see the moon!
So I needed to have no clouds in both directions when the full moon was rising & that took 17 months!
I originally envisioned the full moon rising behind Tofino,but the moons orbit was way too far north to line them both up! So technically speaking………I’m still waiting! I now know the moon must have a very southerly orbit to even think about trying to do this again!
Sometimes I feel like such a child trying to figure these things out!

“Where I Play”

The weather did break today,but the light got snuffed big time by yet another Frontal system! A clearing arrived 1am this morning.It was clear up to 1pm or so. I wasn’t about to go out knowing that the light was going to go south!
I was looking forward to getting out! I need to go play!

So because I didn’t get anything today, I thought I’d show you were I do go & play!
This is where I spend alot of time looking for bears,wolfs,Sea Lions etc. (even Orca’s!)
I originally took this Oct 3rd,2010. I am looking to the east ,down Tofino Inlet. The small islands at the bottom of the shot are where the Daredevil & Delilah live! The larger island on the left to be exact. They live in Tsapee Narrows.
Looking up to the right is Grice Bay. It is one of those shallow bays. It was low tide so you can see some of the mudflats exposed.
The Sea Lions are at the back of the shot. Tofino Inlet continues around the corner to Deer Bay.
There is always something going on down here! Never a dull moment!

Radar Beach Fly By

The light was terrible today,so I didn’t bring the camera out. A mini high pressure system is suppose to move in tomorrow. So maybe I’ll have something fresh for you guys?

I shot this originally on Oct 4rth/09. I went up in a plane near sunset. I love the long shadows! It gives texture to a otherwise flat looking surface. One of the problems with Aerial photography is that the land tends to flatten out!
Thats why I only go near sunset. I get not only the texture but also get the golden light! A win win in my books!!

This is Radar beach. It is at the base of Radar hill. The trail to the beach is not on the official Park plan,but it is a very popular path for people to take. Another unofficial trail is the one to the crashed Cansol airplane! That crash is on the south side of Radar Hill at the base of the hill.