Kootowis Creek Falls

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I went to the very end of the waterway to take a shot of the falls. I had to kick the motor up and pole my way in. It was so shallow that a few rocks scrap my boats bottom.
I always like visiting this spot. Very quiet!
I also took a shot of the old support structure for the water pipeline from the falls to the sawmill. I think the pipe line was supported by these poles you see sticking out of the water.
I need to confirm this with acouple of friends?
The Wingen’s started the very first saw mill in the area in this spot in 1894. They must of been very skilled because they built the entire mill using the surrounding trees!
That means all the workings including the piping and Turbines! Very impressive and creative!
I’ve found that creativity is inversely proportional to money!
That is……….if you have no money,you get creative and if you have money,you are less creative! Generally speaking of course.
I got this information from Barry Campbell. A local Historian.
He also thinks that rusted piece of old machinery is too new for the era when the Wingen’s worked and lived here!
I have no idea how it got there or what it was for?
UPDATE: Those poles actually kept a water pipe line from moving about when high tide was happening.
The line was built during the second World War to supply fresh water to the Army base at the airport.