Lower Kennedy Rapids

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I went past the Sea Lions and headed all the way down to the start of the rapids from Kennedy lake. There was a good outflow of water and it made handling the boat tricky! Trying to shoot at the same time as steering was the tricky part!
I was very mindful of all the large rocks below me. I knew however that the water level was high. I just didn’t want to ding my prop. If I lost power here,I would be swept into the trees,bramble etc. Maybe puncture my Zodiac as well. No matter how you slice that,it comes up bad especially when your by yourself.
When I’m out by myself ,I try to be conservative with my adventuring! I figure it’s enough that I made it this far…..so far!

I’ve always thought that if I had a Jet Boat,I would be able to get up into Kennedy lake from the ocean! You would have to have a thick metal hull because of all the rocks. Plus I’d only be able to do it in the winter. In the summer the water level drops too low and there’s a whole wack of nasty rocks sticking their ugly heads up!
Now that I’m fantasizing………..I could use a hover craft to get up the rapids! I’d be able to do that year round as well!
If I had the money I’d do that and more!
My ultimate photographic vehicle would be a enclosed Ultralight with pontoons!
That would be the sweetest ride, and all the places I’d be able to explore just makes my mouth water!

Notice the last and closest shot of the Hatchery please. This is a very good example of how light reacts to temperature!
If you stop the slideshow at the closest shot of the Hatchery,you will notice that all the horizontal lines are wiggly!
Thats because the air above the rapids has patches of cooler and warmer air. The light is bent ever so slightly by the different temperatures. The light kind of acts like a ricocheting bullet!
Thats why the house doesn’t have a straight line on it and all the metal stanchions are wiggly as well!