Nina Ellen coming in

I like shooting this boat simple because of it’s colour. I waited for him to come into this background. You always have to have an interesting subject AND a interesting background. I would of liked him to cruise in a spot where I could of put Strathcona in the background,but this is all I could get at the moment.

Second Eye lid

This eagle is in a Rehab centre and explains how I was able to get so close.The reason I included this fellow,is to show you the second eye lid they have!
It’s called a “Nictitating “eye lid. It sweeps from the back to the front.
I am constantly getting shots that I can’t use becasue they have the “Evil” eye look ! They blink this eye lid all the time.
One thing I have noticed however. Is that this guys eye lid is more transparent and the wild Eagles are more milky looking! I do not know why this is ?