20120829-20080715-20080727-IMG_6514-2I originally shot this on July 15th,08. They both were visiting Tofino. Tofino was the end town for a Tall Ship festival. Many ships started out in Seattle,than Vancouver,onto Victoria & than to Port Alberni & finally Tofino. Only these two came to Tofino.
This was taken the night before they were to leave. It was part of a dueling show. They would make runs towards each other & let their canons go!
I was lucky to find that not a single boat was out with me & them! That was great because I did not want them in my foreground scene!

The Tall Ship festival is suppose to be every three years but they didn’t come back in 2011. The economy was depressed enough to keep them tied up at their berths.
Hope they come back soon!
The ship on the right (Lady Washington) was used in the first “Pirates of the Caribbean”movie with Johnny Depp. The “Curse of the Black Pearl”. The ships name in the movie was the “Interceptor”