20160723-2Z6A4898He wouldn’t hurt a fly. So when I saw him stop & stare at a lone cub (Orphan Annie),I knew he’d leave it alone. He didn’t want to disturb Annie,so he walked into the forest to go around.Thats when he stepped on something that made noise alarming Annie.So they both went into the forest!

He has some fur loss around his right eye.Not sure why? He also has the cutest little white sliver of a marking on his chest! Thats where I got the name from.



Came across “Orphan Annie” today. I was following another bear (Maple) when I noticed that it had noticed something up ahead that made it freeze in it’s tracks! I looked ahead & saw little “Orphan Annie” out on a gravelled beach totally unaware that we both were watching it! “Maple” being a good female bear didn’t want to disturb the little one & decided to go into the bush & go around,but made noise while doing so & spooked Annie who then made a bee line into the bush to hide!

I have no idea what happened to “Orphan Annie’s” mother? She obviously had to of been killed.Either by another bear or by a hunter?