I managed to get out today,but left much later than I normally would.It was overcast & raining when I woke up today but after looking at the Satellite site realized that a very large clearing was going to be arriving later in the afternoon……….& it did right on time!
I got out around 5:30pm today & with the sun setting around 7:40pm or so,It still gave me enough time to have a good look around!
I went down to Tsapee Narrows & for the first time that I can remember in a very long time,neither the Daredevil or his mate,Delilah were home!
I found that a bit odd? I wonder where they were? I looked at their nest with my binocs & she wasn’t sitting there!
I decided to see if Angie or Logan was home. They live next door to the east of Tsapee & sure enough Angie was home!
I visited with her for awhile & than went to Morpheus Island to see Moe & Maggie.
When I arrived,Moe was being chased by a Crow from Morpheus Island! I’ve seen them getting chased away from Morpheus many times by both Crows & Ravens!
It’s nesting season for all birds & it appears that two Crows have set up their nest on Morpheus. They do not want a natural enemy like Moe or Maggie hanging around! Eagles will raid other birds nests for the eggs,but I have never seen this happening, so It can’t be going on be very much? I think Eagles & Crows/Ravens are like dogs & cats.
I moved on to Deadman Island to visit with Romeo & Juliette. When I first arrived I couldn’t find anybody! But than I saw Juliette’s head just poking above the nests edge.
She even got off of her eggs for a bit of a stretch! Romeo showed up later.
He was very active tonight & even flew over to his rock to wait for me! This is the only spot & time that I can get really close to a wild eagle!
At high tide I can get within 30 feet,which is unheard of with a wild eagle! (thats at eye level BTW) I can only do this with Romeo (Juliette did it once)!
They are the first of my eagle friends that are getting down to the business of life & nesting!
Glad to see them using their old nest again too!

I noticed something interesting today! This is Ernie on Strawberry island with what looks like ,last years offspring.
I saw three immature eagles today & each was hanging around Mum & Dad! That is unusual! It’s nesting season & adult eagles do not allow visitations from their offspring when they have eggs! Which means those three eagle couples cannot have any eggs yet!
I wonder why the Immature’s are all of a sudden showing up during nesting season?? Not sure why this is going on but one thing is for sure,when the parents have eggs,visiting hours are finished!
A short shoot tonight but defiantly worth seeing all my feathered friends again!


It was poor weather today,so I wasn’t able to get out. However,there was a fellow (Gary Allen) in town with his wolf/dog,Tundra!
He was giving a talk about wolfs & their habits etc. Great talk but I must admit that I really was there to get shots of Tundra!
I didn’t get many,but I did get to pet her! What a beautiful creature!
I’m sorry to say that there is a nasty rumor going around town that some “redneck” has already taken shots at those wolfs & either injured it or killed it?
This pack has come into town & taken acouple of dogs! This has freaked a few locals. People become very relaxed with all the wildlife around Tofino!
People come here by the millions each year to see beautiful Tofino & it’s wildlife! We’ve been lulled into a comfortable state of numbness!
I think people would be very surprised if they knew how many animals move through Tofino during the night! They’ve always been here! We are all newcomers to their land! The true owners of the land!

All I know is that it’s not Salty or Pepper. They are on Meares & I have only seen them on Meares,so I do not think they would swim across the channel (they could) to Tofino!
The pack coming near town is a group I have not seen,nor photographed! If I had my trail camera still (it got soaked by Mother natures rath) I could of set it up to see who’s who?
Still thinking about buying a new one for just such encounters!
Tundra was a real sweetheart! I could of been around her for a very long time before I tired of her company!


I got out today. Two days in a row! Amazing!!
Tomorrow looks poor for weather so I thought I’d better fill my boots.
I went to a spot where I haven’t been in in years! I went to the end of Bedwell Sound.
I haven’t been there in years because a resort moved it’s fat butt in there! Since they’ve been there, I stopped coming up here! No point in going somewhere to “get away from it all” when all they’ve ended up doing is destroying it! All in the search for that “buck”!
Only the rich need apply to this spot. It is without a doubt the most expensive place to get a room! A single night will cost you thousands!
I say wrap them all up in a golden sheet & toss them in the heap!

After taking a few shots,I returned to town. There was some cloud coming up from the south & I wanted to make sure I got some shots of my eagle friends before the light got snuffed.
I was delighted to see Juliette on her nest & staying put! That means she’s laid at least one egg & most likely 2! She always lays two.
The clouds did try to cut off the light,but it peeked through right at sunset & gave a nice show!
It was more a traveling day today,but still great to get out!

I have never seen this boat before? Looks nice!


Looks like Romeo is going to be a proud daddy again!
Juliette didn’t leave the nest & didn’t move about. Which means only one thing this time of year! She’s laid some eggs!! She almost always lays two eggs each year.
Romeo wasn’t around to ward off any intruders. Not sure where he was but Juliette cannot leave the eggs unattended. So she has to stay put!
Romeo arrived half a hour later & chirped up a storm!
A proud daddy indeed!


I did get out today,but because the tide was high I didn’t see much wildlife. It was more a traveling day I suppose?
I went down into Grice bay first to see what was going on…nothing. Than I went up into Mosquito Harbour……nothing. I also tried Lemmings Inlet…nothing!
It was a lack luster day I’m afraid!
This high pressure system will collapse tonight,so today is my last shot at getting something with alittle more meat on it!
Both Romeo & Juliette are busy getting their nest ready for the eaglets. They were visited not once but twice by that eagle from Beck Island today. They chirped loudly in protest but allowed it to enter & leave!
On the other hand,I did see them take off twice to ward off other eagles! They flew so far away that I had to watch with my binocs!
Thats why I think this intruder from Beck must be theirs?
Another great day in Tofino folks!


This is the spot where the locals stood together against the logging companys!(88)
It was in a Bay called “Heelboom” on the SE side of Meares. It was because of these brave souls that Meares was not raped! It is front & center with Tofino’s vista!
Meares is now a “Tribal Park” & there will be no more logging or mining happening on this jewel!
This structure was built for occupation by the protesters & stands as a reminder of what could of happened!


I went up Lemmings to visit with the Monas Island gang. I do not visit these guys very much but they sure recognized me! I went around the corner out of sight & one followed me!
You can see the top of Lone Cone in behind. If you were to hike up Lone Cone,you would come out on top at this spot.


I went all the way over to the west side of Vargas to get a “GLASS” ball & all I found was plastic ones!
The beach had to of already picked clean. I found the telling signature of a mindless picker. They have a habit of placing things they find (BUT DO NOT WANT) up on logs. As if to say,” I was already here,tough luck”!
No Balls today!