I managed to get out today,but left much later than I normally would.It was overcast & raining when I woke up today but after looking at the Satellite site realized that a very large clearing was going to be arriving later in the afternoon……….& it did right on time!
I got out around 5:30pm today & with the sun setting around 7:40pm or so,It still gave me enough time to have a good look around!
I went down to Tsapee Narrows & for the first time that I can remember in a very long time,neither the Daredevil or his mate,Delilah were home!
I found that a bit odd? I wonder where they were? I looked at their nest with my binocs & she wasn’t sitting there!
I decided to see if Angie or Logan was home. They live next door to the east of Tsapee & sure enough Angie was home!
I visited with her for awhile & than went to Morpheus Island to see Moe & Maggie.
When I arrived,Moe was being chased by a Crow from Morpheus Island! I’ve seen them getting chased away from Morpheus many times by both Crows & Ravens!
It’s nesting season for all birds & it appears that two Crows have set up their nest on Morpheus. They do not want a natural enemy like Moe or Maggie hanging around! Eagles will raid other birds nests for the eggs,but I have never seen this happening, so It can’t be going on be very much? I think Eagles & Crows/Ravens are like dogs & cats.
I moved on to Deadman Island to visit with Romeo & Juliette. When I first arrived I couldn’t find anybody! But than I saw Juliette’s head just poking above the nests edge.
She even got off of her eggs for a bit of a stretch! Romeo showed up later.
He was very active tonight & even flew over to his rock to wait for me! This is the only spot & time that I can get really close to a wild eagle!
At high tide I can get within 30 feet,which is unheard of with a wild eagle! (thats at eye level BTW) I can only do this with Romeo (Juliette did it once)!
They are the first of my eagle friends that are getting down to the business of life & nesting!
Glad to see them using their old nest again too!

I noticed something interesting today! This is Ernie on Strawberry island with what looks like ,last years offspring.
I saw three immature eagles today & each was hanging around Mum & Dad! That is unusual! It’s nesting season & adult eagles do not allow visitations from their offspring when they have eggs! Which means those three eagle couples cannot have any eggs yet!
I wonder why the Immature’s are all of a sudden showing up during nesting season?? Not sure why this is going on but one thing is for sure,when the parents have eggs,visiting hours are finished!
A short shoot tonight but defiantly worth seeing all my feathered friends again!