20150114-Chesterman Pano #2I made a slight error today! I was about to head out in my boat with my camera bag already on my back,when I thought I’d check the Satellite weather site to see what was going on? I saw a bank of cloud coming in not more than a 100 clicks SW of Tofino. I verified that with a local beach camera. It looks westward.

I need the light to take my shots! If there is a bank of clouds moving in that’ll block the light I see no reason to head out! It takes a lot of effort to carry my boat down to the water,the engine & all my gear! I decided that we were most likely going to loose the light in a hour or so…………………… no point in going out!
I decided to go out to the beach instead. The beach is always a great Plan B.
I went out to the beach & quickly realized that those clouds I saw on the Satellite site were dissipating as they approached the coast line!
Basically,the light was going to stay good & yes I could have gone out in the boat! Mother Nature suckered me! She’s always keeping me on my toes!
I hate making the wrong calls,……………but I still saved the day with some good beach shots!


20131231-Strathcona Pano,December 31st,2013It was totally overcast when I woke up this morning & has been that way for so long that I truly would not be able to tell you off hand when it was last sunny?
Having said that,the clouds broke & fantastic sunshine came screaming through! I dropped what I was doing & got my gear together to head out in my boat! As soon as I had gotten out I noticed some nasty clouds beginnning to move back in!! It appears Mother Nature had suckered me! She wanted my photographic year to go out on a laugh at my expense! She does have a sense of humour,I just do not appreciate her sense!
Well,……..I already was out & so basically took a boat ride around the local area to see what I could see? There has been a Sea Otter hanging around,so I went looking for it. Nothing!
Really striking out today!
You can see how flat the light was! Normally I don’t shoot on days like this,but I was already committed! My boat is on land & I have to haul it by hand down to the beach,along with several hundred pounds of other gear………namely a 110lb outboard! So it takes a lot of effort on my part to go out! You wouldn’t believe the amount of work it takes to go out & than haul everything back up at the end of the day!
Yes,I was disappointed to see the light so close & yet so far away! However,I was still able to get out on New Years Eve & that does ease the pain some what!

I hope the coming year brings you more smiles & fewer tears folks!


20131127-S.CHESTERMAN'S SUNSET PANO,NEOVENBER 27TH,2013The weather in one word……….SUCKS!
Large Fall Frontal systems keep lining up to come down upon us! I don’t think I’ll see any sunshine till next week?
So I went out to the beach when I saw a slight break in the clouds near sunset! Nothing to write home about but better than nothing!


20130521-HARBOUR PANO #4,MAY 21ST,201320130521-HARBOUR PANO #1,MAY 21ST,201320130521-HARBOUR PANO #3,MAY 21ST,201320130521-HARBOUR PANO #5,MAY 21ST,201320130521-HARBOUR PANO #2,MAY 21ST,2013I have 180 people following me on twitter for the local weather. I gaffed today with the weather! I said it would be cloudy with scattered showers today. It was for most of it but the clouds parted late in the day enough to coax me out. I didn’t go out in the boat but rode around instead looking for things of interest!
I went down to 4rth St.Dock & shot a few.


20130320-OLD WICK PANO,MARCH 20TH,2013When a wind storm coincides with a very high tide,the storm surge can reach all the logs piles high at the far end of the beach! If you ever get to experience it, you’ll never forget it! The sound is incredible! Loud tinks,tunks,clunks & the alike abound!
It’s like Mother Nature has her own huge wind chime!


20121215-Dock Pano,December 15th,2012It was not only overcast today but we actually got several inches of snow this morning! So I wasn’t able to get out. The reason why I took this shot is because I was hoping that some light would come through the clouds & light up the harbour? It almost did! Lone Cone got lite up but only for a few minutes & that was it!
So i thought what the hell,I’ll shoot it anyways. Just a few token shots before I leave for vacation folks.
I’ll be back in January! Have a great holiday!


I found this male bear just on the outside of Gunner Inlet. He was heading into it,but I couldn’t hang around that long. I stayed with him for awhile & than went into Gunner to check for any other bears. Couldn’t find a one on the inside,so I booked it & headed over into Fortune Channel.


A high pressure system moved in from the north over night. It brought not only clear sky’s but cooler temps.
I went straight down to Tranquil to try & get the last of the salmon run on video! Not many left now!
It was low tide when I arrived,but I was already prepared for that. Getting up into Tranquil at low tide is basically not going to happen,unless you have a kayak!
I brought my chest waders for this & had to use them right away! I had to get out of my boat & pull it upstream almost all the way! It took me a hour to get there by boat & about 45 minutes just to get from the estuary to the spot where the salmon were! It was tough hauling the boat against the current too!
I did have the motor kicked up to the highest point,but it was still hitting rocks!
I did make it & managed to get some good video! I saw 6 bears while I was up there but with the Fall sun,the light on the inside just ain’t there! Didn’t even bother to try & take a shot! I’ll get some bears in Fortune tomorrow anyways!
I used up alot of my time getting there & as a result………..missed the sunset in town! I knew when I was up there that I was going to be screwed for it,so I didn’t even try to hurry. It happens oh so many times! I watch the gorgeous sunset while traveling back in & that’s all I can do!
I’ve just learned to accept that I can’t get both!
Because I was consumed with trying to get up into Tranquil,I didn’t get many photo opportunity’s folks!
Just a few tonight. More tomorrow night!

4rth St. Dock Pano

It was not only overcast but raining for almost the entire day! However……..I did see on the Satellite that a large clearing was approaching from the west! I just wasn’t too sure when it was going to arrive?
The sun did come out near sunset but too late to get too excited about heading out in the boat!
So I decided to head down to local dock & take a few token shots. I liked the clouds on Meares Island in behind 4rth St. dock.
I’ll be getting out in the next few days because the weather is going to improve tremendously!