I was told by a friend that a pod of Orcas (T109’s) were heading down Tofino Inlet! I quickly grabbed my gear and headed out looking for them. It took me 1 1/2 hours to find them and unfortunately by the time I did find them they were in shadow.

I was surprised to see not just one but many paddle boarders paddling out to meet the Orcas as they went past! This spot Is a long ways away from anywhere! I did see a float house off in a cove and understood where they all had come from. Must have been 10 of them.

These Orcas love coming to hunt down Tofino Inlet! I think they had made a kill just when I was arriving? Several were breaching in celebration!

It’s always exciting when they come to visit!


I had full intentions of going out tonight on a evening shoot,but after looking at the lack of clouds,I decided to cancel. I was already down where I keep my boat when this revelation hit me.

“So no pictures for me today” I thought, but then you’ll never guess who dropped in to say hello,…….Robbie! Rita stayed up on a pole. She’s more skittish then Robbie.

It’s always so good when I get to talk to him. He must think I’m nuts and just feels sorry for me. He drops in to make sure I don’t need help finding my way home. Speaking of which, I can call him as I ride home and he will follow me. He will fly with me and the only time I can keep up with him is when I’m going down this long hill!

Ravens just may be the most intelligent animal out there? Their use of tools and being able to figure things out ahead of time is remarkable!

I’m very happy he dropped by!


Take a close look at Romeo’s feathers. Those feathers to a eagle are like our teeth when we are young. They go bye bye and a new one grows in. Only difference is a eagle repeats this each summer.

Eagles and many birds molt during the hottest time of the year, usually August. The warmth allows them to shed feathers and not become hypothermic. Eagles try not use a lot of energy during this period. Molting zaps their energies. Most of a eagles energy goes to to keeping themselves warm. So during these hot periods they do not need to eat as often. So they can afford to stay still for longer periods of time.

In the winter they need to eat constantly as their heat output needs to increase due to the colder weather.

Think of it like a woodstove,in the summer when it’s warm out, you never use it,but in the winter when It’s cold outside,you use it all the time!


This is The Daredevil. One of my greatest joys has been getting to know him. Becoming familiar with his movements and his favorite spots to perch. Did you know that each eagle has a hidden escape route through the thick forest? Think of a tunnel but it winds through a forest. I always think of that Star Wars footage of the land speeders racing through the forest. (I actually visited that area btw.)

When a eagle has a fish another eagle can try and take the fish! The chased eagle (If close to it’s escape route?) can fly into the forest knowing when to dart left or right but the pursuing eagle does not know the route and will either give up or most likely crash and burn!

I’ve seen this happen several times. The eagle with a fish seemingly disappears into a solid wall of green,being hotly pursued by a second eagle. Then usually seconds later I hear a loud crashing noise! The crashed eagle cannot take to the air due to the dense packing of trees. So It has to hop along the ground in a desperate fashion! It makes all sorts of noise desperately trying to get off the forest floor! It knows it’s very vulnerable to ground predators and by making so much noise It can attract a nearby ground predator?

and the other eagle being pursued exits the forest tunnel victoriously with it’s prize!


Well It looks like we have 17 names to choose from! Here are the choices

Lynette https://lynettedartycross.com/ ROBIN

Babsje https://babsjeheron.wordpress.com/ WISHBONE

Robbie https://robbiesinspiration.wordpress.com/ OBERON

Chris https://thestoryreadingapeblog.com/ CHANCER

Annette https://annetterochelleaben.wordpress.com/ TYRONE

Liz https://lizgauffreau.com/ MERCUTIO

Noelle https://saylingaway.wordpress.com/ TYBALT

Andy https://sealandair67140807.wordpress.com/ SHAKESPEARE (SPEAR)

Jennie https://jenniefitzkee.com/ CHOCOLATE

Greg https://penumbrahaiku.wordpress.com/ TUBE (TO BE)

Emma https://emmafcownie.com/ BARRY

Array https://widdershinsfirst.com/ SHAKESPEARE

Linda https://lindaschaubblog.net/ RUSTLER

Jane https://janesheartsong.wordpress.com/ ROUNDER

Sandra https://intothelightadventures.com/ SHAKESPEARE

SRT https://srtnews.net/ PARINDA

Marsha https://alwayswrite.blog/ SAMSON

So there you have it folks,17 excellent names to choose from! I’d like to thank everyone who weighed in and for giving such creative names!

After pondering the matter now for some time,I’ve decided the name this fine young Eaglet will hold is “WISHBONE”. I liked it because of the comedy and one can never have too much laughter in ones life, can they?

So Babsje has earned a picture of this beautiful creature and I thank you Babsje for the great name!