20130225-IMG_5984Surge channels are basically a eroded fault.
All rocks have cracks or faults in them. Expose them to pounding water & the fault will begin to erode like a cavity! After a few thousand years this cavity will get bigger to produce a surge channel.
I have seen a aerial shot of this spot & can physically see the fault running right across the point! This channel will eventually cut right through making the rock on the left a island.
I know of at least two people who have fallen into this surge channel & died! It’s a very dangerous place! I am always careful when walking above!


20130225-IMG_598120130225-IMG_6110This island is named after the ship “Florencia”. Indeed,the entire bay is named after this ship. The Florencia was a 200 tonne Brigatine.

The Florencia started out from Victoria in November of 1860, loaded with timber for Peru. She sailed into a fierce storm that drove her north. The Florencia capsized & 4 men died! It righted it’s self & drifted further north into Nootka Sound.
Another ship (HMS Forward) put her in tow & headed south to Victoria. The “Forward” encountered engine trouble & had to cut the “Florencia” loose!
The hapless ship drifted onto the rocks of this island.
This bay was renamed “Florencia” bay in 1930.


20130225-IMG_599220130225-IMG_599320130225-IMG_599420130225-IMG_599520130225-IMG_599520130225-IMG_5997Even before I arrived I knew the Blow Hole wasn’t going off very large! While I’m hiking in,If I can hear the “booms”,I know it’s going! I didn’t hear anything & already knew before I arrived that it was small at best! I think the tide was too high plus the swell/wave size was too small as well.
Trying to nail this monster down is a science!


20130225-IMG_6084This may look normal but is far from it! There is a large sandy beach like area behind the Blow Hole, 30 feet above the ocean! When was the last time you found a beach 30 feet above the water line?
Sand is always found on a gentle slop at waters edge,but the erosion of the crashing waves has created this unique formation far above the waters surface!


20130223-IMG_5940This is a Smolt barge heading out to one of Mainstream’s fish farms.Those white tanks contain thousands of tiny Atlantic salmon. This boat (The Go-Getter) will tow this barge out to a farm & the fish will than be emptied into a empty net pen.I forget how long they take to come to production size,but it is quicker than Chinook.


20130216-IMG_497220130216-IMG_4984It did clear up today but the wind rushed in to ruin my day! Whenever the wind gets up & stay out of the water……….period!
So I made the best of it & went out to the beach. I knew there would be a Kite surfer or Wind surfer out & about,& sure enough there was one.
Just some beach shots today folks,but tomorrow promises to be sunny!!


20130209-IMG_491620130209-IMG_4915We were promised sunshine yesterday & today! What did we get instead………….nothing but clouds!
We are “suppose” to get sunshine tomorrow & Monday? If we don’t I’m going to blow a gasket!
I obviously didn’t get out in the boat today but instead went down to 4rth St. dock where I found this Heron.
Fingers crossed for tomorrow??


20130207-IMG_456620130207-IMG_456820130207-IMG_4569It finally was sunny today & I got out in the boat! Headed straight down to Cannery to check on the Lions. Upon arriving I was pleasantly surprised to find their numbers had increased dramatically! There use to be around 2 dozen & now there are around 50-60 of them!
The Stellers came back as well! I estimated around a dozen or so?
The entire float was filled & as a result,below water from all the weight! Unfortunately for me a cloud moved in & snuffed the good light! I took some token shots & headed over to Rankin Rocks. I found a few Harbour Seals hauled out in the warm sunlight. I managed to get only acouple of shots before they dove into the water.
I headed back for the sunset in the harbour.I did stop at Tsapee Narrows to say hello briefly to the Daredevil & Delilah. I noticed that K19’s gang of Trumpeters was in that shallow bay near Tsapee,but because they were in the shadows,I didn’t stop.
Continued on to visit with Moe at Morpheus. I took just a few because I wasn’t thrilled with the light at that moment. Left for Deadman Island to visit with Romeo & Juliette. They both seemed very active! One of their offspring was trying to come back! Both of them chased it off but with a tender wing! They meant it no harm,but made it clear that it was not welcome at this time! Mum & Dad reserve the right for visitations! They are beginning to nest right now & may have eggs in the nest? Any other time & they might allow one of their offspring to visit for a snack? There is no golden rule other than to say that during nesting season it is absolutely verboten for any animal to come near the nest!
They managed to persuade it to leave & enjoyed the sunset with me.