20130225-IMG_5984Surge channels are basically a eroded fault.
All rocks have cracks or faults in them. Expose them to pounding water & the fault will begin to erode like a cavity! After a few thousand years this cavity will get bigger to produce a surge channel.
I have seen a aerial shot of this spot & can physically see the fault running right across the point! This channel will eventually cut right through making the rock on the left a island.
I know of at least two people who have fallen into this surge channel & died! It’s a very dangerous place! I am always careful when walking above!


20130225-IMG_598120130225-IMG_6110This island is named after the ship “Florencia”. Indeed,the entire bay is named after this ship. The Florencia was a 200 tonne Brigatine.

The Florencia started out from Victoria in November of 1860, loaded with timber for Peru. She sailed into a fierce storm that drove her north. The Florencia capsized & 4 men died! It righted it’s self & drifted further north into Nootka Sound.
Another ship (HMS Forward) put her in tow & headed south to Victoria. The “Forward” encountered engine trouble & had to cut the “Florencia” loose!
The hapless ship drifted onto the rocks of this island.
This bay was renamed “Florencia” bay in 1930.


20130225-IMG_599220130225-IMG_599320130225-IMG_599420130225-IMG_599520130225-IMG_599520130225-IMG_5997Even before I arrived I knew the Blow Hole wasn’t going off very large! While I’m hiking in,If I can hear the “booms”,I know it’s going! I didn’t hear anything & already knew before I arrived that it was small at best! I think the tide was too high plus the swell/wave size was too small as well.
Trying to nail this monster down is a science!


20130225-IMG_6084This may look normal but is far from it! There is a large sandy beach like area behind the Blow Hole, 30 feet above the ocean! When was the last time you found a beach 30 feet above the water line?
Sand is always found on a gentle slop at waters edge,but the erosion of the crashing waves has created this unique formation far above the waters surface!