Sunset Stroll

It was piss poor for light today!
I looked on the Sat/Radar site and saw that there was a thinning of the cloud structure and it was going to arrive near sunset. I had to work out at the beach today anyways so I took my camera just in case it opened up! I was being optimistic. It did have a few thinning spots happening ,but nothing stellar.
Frank was my only lonely subject. He’s always good for a shot.
That post sticking out of the beach was placed there back at the beginning of the 2nd world war. When a Lighthouse (Estavan)north of Tofino was shelled by the Japanese,the west coast became active in protection.
Logs were placed vertically and on angles all along the beach to stop Japanese planes from landing. Some, as you can see are still around and only become exposed when sand is taken away by the tide and long shore currents.

Heading Out

This tug is owned by Mainstream (Fish Farm)and is called The “”Come Along”. They are heading around Meares Island and will go up Fortune Channel to one of their farms.
It is unusual for them to haul a empty barge however. Not sure whats going on there? The tank on the back is for diesel and they fill up the fuel tanks on each farm,but they usually take fish feed out or nets or at least something…….not a empty barge!
I shot this and the one below, this morning from land.

Strathcona Pano

I always love this view in the winter.
Trying to find subject material for the foreground can be challenging at times however.
I just missed the Coast Guard Cutter “Cape Ann” by minutes! It was heading out of the harbour to the right. It would of been great to get those guys against Strathcona’s mountains!

The Daredevil Landing

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I got out in the boat today and had a great trip. Didn’t get exactly everything. I screwed up on acouple nice opportunity’s! It happens. I’ve learned to roll with it.
I had time to go out to the Lighthouse as well. I should of stayed in the harbour. The sun was so far south,that I couldn’t line the two up. I did a quick pano and got out of there.
I normally do not go on the outside in the winter. The waters just too rough! It was half decent today,but still a bit rough.

Blue Heron

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I found this fellow by the Big Tree trail on Meares Island.
Notice how the Heron’s wings are in the same position in each shot? Thats because his wing beat is sinked with my shutter speed.
My camera shoots at 4 frames per second which means that each wing beat has to be about 1/4 of a second or 4 per second.

Arakan Island Eagle

I do not see this guy very much. Him and his mate have a nest on one of the Arakan Islands. These 5 small Islands are located up Lemmens inlet in the shallows/mudflats. I can’t go over to visit them unless it’s a high tide.
Considering that I only go out 2 hours before sunset,the odds that a high tide would be occurring in that time frame is minimal!
He has his head turned so as to keep a eye on me!

Cape Ann Tieing Up

I was able to get out in the boat this afternoon. That cold front pushed down from the north and was strong enough to push the clouds south of Tofino!
In other words ,I had some good light!
The Coast Guard Cutter “Cape Ann” came back into the harbour,but I was just getting out and missed shooting them under power. The best I could do was to get them after they had tied up with a frosty Meares Island in the background.

Blue Heron Flying

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I was lucky to see a Heron flying in front of Strathcona! There was alot of fresh snow on Strathcona and I tried to take advantage of it today. Any and everything that moved,I shot with it in front of Strathcona. Unfortunately there were alot of cloud obscuring the mountains!
The shot with the Heron on land has a Crabbing boat in the background.

Stockham Eagle and Snow

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I have only seen a eagle on this tree once before! They do not perch here very often,but I wish they would. I saw all that fresh snow on Meares and simply lined them both up.
I’m pretty sure that it’s the eagle from Stockham Island. Who I think I will call Sid and Sally!

Arran Tide II Coming in

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She must of been full of Geoduck because the Bow was kicking up a good wake! I saw her coming into the harbour while I was waiting at Deadman Island with Romeo and Juliette. I knew that they would have to go by me! It’s the only marine highway,however it was high tide and boats can go wherever they want in the harbour when they have alot of water under them! Because the Arran Tide II had a full load in her holds,she would be drafting deeper and she stuck to the recognized road.

UPDATE: (March 3rd,2014) This is awesome to see! My husband, Greg Cox and brother, Arran Chapman, built the Arran Tide II in our back yard in Campbell River, launching her in 1979. She is named after the Arran Rapids at Stuart Island in memory of my father. She is a Stan Huntingford from West Vancouver design. She was built to fish halibut and cod but unfortunately for us, that was when the market tanked and interest rates rose. We knew she was around Vancouver Island still, but have only caught glimpses a couple of times over the years.
Lorraine Cox

Sunset Surf

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It poured today and hailed, it was a bad day to take shots!
However! I saw on the Sat/Radar site, a clearing about 100 klicks away.I knew that the sun was going to come out near sunset for a brief moment. It’s moments like this that unusual shots can be taken! Strange weather,can make great pictures! I tried to ride out to the beach in time! Unfortunately I missed it by seconds! It was only out for 5 minutes at most!
Thats the way the cookie crumbles.
I did get a few shots however. Can’t get skunked! Bad luck.

Sunset Flights

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I’m glad I got out this morning for the moon shots,cause I didn’t get out in the boat tonight! The clearing was coming from the north with that Arctic cold front and was forcing all the clouds to move south. Unfortunately they seemed to stall about a mile north of Tofino and they just stayed there and the clearing did not continue to advance to the south. I was ticked,but I’ve seen this happen before. You just roll with it. So I went out to Chestermans for the sunset. I knew that the sun was going to come through alittle near sunset.
I use the camera Long Beach Lodge has on it’s roof. It looks to the west and gives me not only a real time idea as to what is happening exactly out at Chesty,but I can also tell what direction the clouds are moving by comparing the updated shots!
It really helps.
For instance…….. I saw this morning on the camera that the moon was above the horizon and the cloud system was moving to the south. All the clouds had gone and the moon was not going to be obstructed! That was enough for me. I got dressed warmly and headed down to the harbour to shoot the moon.

These clouds are called Crepuscular or otherwise known as “God Rays”. I was trying to track these Gulls when they flew in front of them. Tricky to try to track something so small and so far away !


Frank came by to say hi !
I think he was actually being chased by a Gull and was trying to get away from it. I always like to think of them as friends,but I know they don’t think that way.
It would be cool to have one trained from chick to come to my arm,like a Falcon! They only weigh about 14-18 lbs,but have a 6-7 foot wingspan!

Sunset Surf

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There wasn’t much happening out at the beach. There were very few people walking about. I think it was that way because of that cold cold wind blowing! It stopped (wimpy) people from going out for a beach walk.
There was this one surfer at the south end of Chesty and I got a few of him doing his thing. I just needed something in the foreground to compliment that great background!
I’m not sure,but it looked like he had a dry suit on? He was doing a good job and gets a “A+” for effort in my book!
He had a bunch of friends watching from the middle of the beach. They had a nice warm fire going in the Lee of the trees.

Perfect Background but……..

I liked this spot but…….
Instantly, I knew exactly what I needed to make this a “outstanding” shot……. a nude , “outstanding” on that rock!
I shoot nudes from time to time. I am trying to do a few right now. Finding women who will brave the cold during the winters is difficult!
I wish I had a model following me around,waiting at my beckon call to pose! (A guy can dream………can’t he?)
My perspective from this point is too high.I would need to get lower . She would have the darken ocean in behind her from this angle. I would in theory prefer her body against the god rays. Higher contrast the better !
She would be of course be silhouetted. That limits the posing to profiles only .

Pacific Spray and Moon

I normally do not get up early and go out at sunrise,but the moon was setting and I thought I’d go down to the harbour to see what I could see?
The moons path was too far north to go out to the beach. I would not be able to line up the moon with the Lighthouse.
The Pacific Spray is the harvest boat for Mainstream. They are one of two fish farming companys in Tofino.

Tofino Air

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I was hoping that a plane would take off,and it did!
I wanted to shoot the plane with the moon in the background. I got lucky and a Tofino Air Beaver not only took off ,but did it broadside to me and it was perfect!
I would of liked the moon to be alittle brighter,but thats what happens when the moon sets in the morning.The closer it gets to the horizon,the more pale it’ll appear.
Tofino Air’s Beaver took off to the north and turned to the east.

Lemmens Inlet Pano

I got out today in the boat and it was a good day……..but cold!
That Arctic outflow is still coming in from the NE and chilling the air . With the boat moving fast,the winds temperature feels much colder!
The usual suspects today.
You can see between Stone island on the left and Neilson Island On the right,straight up Lemmens Inlet to Strathcona’s snow covered mountains.

Mist Flight

I was surprised to see this mist!
I’ve never seen it at this time of day(3pm). Normally you see this kind of mist at sunrise. It dissipates with the air temperature warming after the sun rises.
I think the shadows on the south side of the Narrows has kept the temperature cool all day,until the setting sun was coming around the corner. It was warming the surface enough to basically produce this mist . I noticed how it would come and than totally disappear!

Romeo and Juliette

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I was happy to see them both together tonight. The world just seems that much better when they are together. They really do like each others company!
They both were active tonight. Even though their nest is gone,their spirit isn’t! They only use the nest to raise their chicks . They probably need a break from that anyways! I do not know how old they are or how long they’ve been together.
I think they can live up to 30 years in the wild and 50 in captivity!


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She got a fish a distance away from me. The Gull was being a pain and harassing her.
I got out today,but the light failed almost instantly. I thought about not going out ,but than realized that” beggars can’t be choosy”!
In other words,I haven’t been out for 9 days now. I was going buggy not being able to shoot something!
I decided to continue on and “rolled the dice”!
It was good today and in hindsight…… made the right call. I didn’t have much to shoot,but is always great just to get out. It was “icing to the cake” with the mountains having fresh snow!

Maggies Fly By

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After she hit that fish,she did a close fly by to my delight!
I’ve noticed something interesting? My camera shoots at 4 frames a second. It’s a full frame camera and has alot of info .
Anyways,if you look at the position of Maggie’s wings they are basically in the same position.That must mean that it takes her 1/4 of a second to do one wing beat!
She must be doing 4 wing beats per second. I’ve noticed this before with eagles as well as Herons. The sinking of my shutter(which once again is a known quantity,at 4 per second) with the eagles wing speed, I thought was cool!
This doesn’t always happen,so I’m guessing that their “wing beats per second” do vary.