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Sunset Stroll


Heading Out

Strathcona Pano

The Daredevil Landing

Looking Off

Profile Grab

Blue Heron

Strathcona Flight


Arakan Island Eagle

Lighthouse Pano

Wickaninnish Inn and Middle Beach Lodge

Cape Ann Tieing Up

Brants Cormorants and Oystercatchers

Blue Heron Flying

Stockham Eagle and Snow

Romeo and Juliette

Mixed Shots of Romeo and Juliette

Romeo Perched

Arran Tide II Coming in

Romeo’s Standing Hit

Sunset Snack

Coast Guard Arriving at Sunset

Sunset Snow

Sunset Surf

Frank and Frieda’s Sunset Flight

Taking a Picture

Sunset Flights


Sunset Surf

Lennard Island Lighthouse at Sunset

Perfect Background but……..

Wick Pano

Pacific Spray and Moon


Tofino Air

Arran Tide II

Lemmens Inlet Pano

Brant’s Cormorants and Strathcona

The Daredevil

Gliding In

Mist Flight

Mist Eagle

Buffalo Heads

Sunset Strike

Dan and Bonnie

Romeo and Juliette

Romeo and Juliette