Sunset Stroll

It was piss poor for light today!
I looked on the Sat/Radar site and saw that there was a thinning of the cloud structure and it was going to arrive near sunset. I had to work out at the beach today anyways so I took my camera just in case it opened up! I was being optimistic. It did have a few thinning spots happening ,but nothing stellar.
Frank was my only lonely subject. He’s always good for a shot.
That post sticking out of the beach was placed there back at the beginning of the 2nd world war. When a Lighthouse (Estavan)north of Tofino was shelled by the Japanese,the west coast became active in protection.
Logs were placed vertically and on angles all along the beach to stop Japanese planes from landing. Some, as you can see are still around and only become exposed when sand is taken away by the tide and long shore currents.


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He’s almost always on his nest perch at sunset. I was a distance away from Frank island. I needed that bright light directly behind Frank so that he would stand out better and not be absorbed partially by the darker clouds.

Heading Out

This tug is owned by Mainstream (Fish Farm)and is called The “”Come Along”. They are heading around Meares Island and will go up Fortune Channel to one of their farms.
It is unusual for them to haul a empty barge however. Not sure whats going on there? The tank on the back is for diesel and they fill up the fuel tanks on each farm,but they usually take fish feed out or nets or at least something…….not a empty barge!
I shot this and the one below, this morning from land.

Strathcona Pano

I always love this view in the winter.
Trying to find subject material for the foreground can be challenging at times however.
I just missed the Coast Guard Cutter “Cape Ann” by minutes! It was heading out of the harbour to the right. It would of been great to get those guys against Strathcona’s mountains!

The Daredevil Landing

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I got out in the boat today and had a great trip. Didn’t get exactly everything. I screwed up on acouple nice opportunity’s! It happens. I’ve learned to roll with it.
I had time to go out to the Lighthouse as well. I should of stayed in the harbour. The sun was so far south,that I couldn’t line the two up. I did a quick pano and got out of there.
I normally do not go on the outside in the winter. The waters just too rough! It was half decent today,but still a bit rough.