Sutton Mill Creek Pano

I did not get out today. Why, do you ask……………..because the light was about as interesting as paint drying!
In other words……… I was not inspired! If I do not have great light,I see no point in going out. Just because one can ,does not mean one should!
I do not go when I want to! I go when Mother Nature phones me up and invites me!
So,having said all that,here is a pano I shot from last nights shoot up in Mosquito Harbour.
It was shallow where I shot this. Maybe a foot of water?
This creek was the source of the water the Lumber Mill used to run it’s steam engines.

Sutton Mill Creek Pano

I think very few people come up here? It was my first time at that!
It’s a creek located up in Mosquito Harbour. I went right up the creek as far as I could and found some Chum salmon spawning! I didn’t see any bears or leftovers that had been partially eaten,but the grass along the creek bank looked used by animals! Most likely bears?
This creek use to provide the fresh water for the steam engines to the Mosquito lumber mill that was here a long time ago.
It was built in 1904 and closed in 1908. It would appear that they wanted to use Kennedy lake as a means of transporting the logs to the Mill. However, the fly in the ointment was the fact that the dammed lake would not flow the way they wanted and thus could not use it!
So it was abandoned.
The Toredo worms got into the wharfs pilings and a few years later it collapsed and that was it!
You can still see where the mill use to be! The Alder trees always fill in where clearings use to be and they make a very noticeable difference!
Alders race in to claim any clearings. They are the fastest trees to take advantage of the clearings!
They are deciduous and come winter time you can notice any old clearings,logging roads etc very easily as a result!