Its my birthday today & with the weather being poor I thought I’d share a little of me.

On February 14th,1991 at approximately 9am I bungee jumped naked in front of thousands! I was first in line.I slept in my car overnight at the gate.It was the first Valentine Naked Bungee Jump in North America. I jumped at Nanaimo,B.C.Anyone who wanted to jump that day jumped free & naked! They kept doing this for many years.I was also first in line the second year around.

I remember it being a clear night so it was cold during the night & because I was the first in line I was the first to sit down on a very frosty bench.I had to strip down first before they attached the bungee. I remember getting back up & looking down at the bench.There was a perfectly melted heart shape! Talk about leaving ones mark!

The Bungee Zone bridge is 160 feet high.I’ve parachuted before but found this more scary to be honest.When your up in a plane the height doesn’t seem real,but when your closer to the ground its more in your face.

I’ll always cherish these moments!







I love the eyes on this bear! She has such innocent eyes! She recognizes me! I do think she likes me.

I usually stand in the river with my canoes bow line tied around my waist.Being in the middle of the stream not only puts me off of the bears patrolling routes but also frees up my hands for the camera.

I saw Teddy walking towards me from upstream.She walked to just opposite me & simply waited there all the while staring at me with such a sweet face.I do believe she wants to get closer. For instance, she pretended she saw something in the rear of my canoe. As if she saw a salmon there!

So she waded out into the water to go check.I couldn’t allow her to do that & so told her to stop & she did exactly that.

When I got into my canoe to head back downstream the current was fast.She began to follow me,I did see her face change when she realized she couldn’t keep up. She stopped,turned around & went back upstream.

I bet If I threw her my hat she’d walk away with it! I’ve┬ánever had a bear girlfriend before.

She’ll be going to bed soon & I look forward to seeing her again!