The Miss Karen Overturns

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I found out today that the Miss Karen overturned yesterday in that big wind storm we had! She overturned in Bedwell Sound,north of Tofino. On the north side of Meares island.
No injuries reported. Just Hypothermia.
The wind yesterday was screaming in from the North West and it looks like it caught The Miss Karen!
Glad to hear no one was injured!
I do not know if she sank or not?
Will update accordingly!

The Miss Karen

20100929-20100929-IMG_1569I had a busy day today.
I went up in the morning on a Aerial shoot and than later in the afternoon ,shot a Christmas card for a local environmental group. We went out to Stubbs island to do that.
Than I went out on my own as usual.
In total ,I took 750 shots today. I think thats a record for me!
I’ll sleep good tonight.

This is the Miss Karen and she was heading out,but not before one of the guys climbed up to release the poles.You can see him up there if you look closely.
I followed them after they headed out of the harbour.

The Miss Karen

20100929-20100929-IMG_166720100929-20100929-IMG_165120100929-20100929-IMG_162720100929-20100929-IMG_164020100929-20100929-IMG_1614She got her poles out and started to head out to open water.
The kayaks were heading west to Medallion beach on Vargas Island and the Miss Karen looked like she was going out to open water.
There must of been about a dozen kayaks in the group .They were all going over to Vargas island for the night.
The Miss Karen was heading away to the SW. I’m looking to the south.20100929-20100929-IMG_1666