Lemmens Inlet

I’ve always liked this angle & continue to shoot this year after year !
This shot is a good example of what I call “the sandwich”.
A good shot will have three important divisions. Foreground,Mid-ground & background. Thats why I call it a sandwich. Two pieces on the outside & one in the middle.
You can get away with one,but the subject has to be something really good. Two are normally what we have,but finding three is a challenge.
Now ,granted the Mid-ground in this shot isn’t exactly what I would call stellar,but it still works. If the Coast Guard Cutter was coming through in the Mid-ground,yes,that would be perfect.
I think I do have a shot like that ! Stay tuned to see if I come across it as I put my shots on this Blog.

Frank Island Eagle Nesting Egg’s

This is the Frank Island female “Frieda” on the nest. I didn’t know she was expecting and I disturbed her. She flew away and kept coming back to the nest. Thats when I figured she must have a egg. Frank and Frieda are not use to anybody wandering around below,so I got acouple of quick shots and left them alone for the rest of the summer.
They had one young one in 09. I didn’t get any shots of him.
Note: when you get grass growing on your nest,you probably should mow it!
This nest is a old nest and has enough decomposed material that it has it’s own ecosystem!

Lennard Island Lighthouse Sunset

You’ll see alot of shots of the Lighthouse. It’s probably my favorite background & primary subject that I am constantly shooting.
In this shot the sun is setting behind Lennard Island. There is only a period of about a month when the sun (from this location.Frank Island) is perfectly back lighting the Lighthouse at sunset. The Fall & Spring time.