20120304-20120301-IMG_9104-2This is one of three “boiler” tanks down in Cannery bay. There was a fish cannery located  in this spot.It’s located where Kennedy lake drains into the ocean. They are very large & heavy pieces of equipment! I can only assume the company wanted to save money?
This site canned fish & requiring large boilers. In a few hundred years these boilers will have been consumed & all the iron will have gone back into the surrounding soils.

Everything eventually breaks down.It’s a matter of time.


Whenever you hear me talking about Cannery bay,this is not where I am talking about!
However If you were to look at a chart or map,you would see that this area is technically called “Cannery Bay”. The actual spot where the Cannery was located is behind me.I shot this looking north from a thin point of land.(100 meters) The actual Cannery was directly behind me on the other side of this point of land!
Kind of confusing actually!
When the Cannery was open,this spot was at the rear of the operations where they use to bring their boats up onto the weighs for repair. If you look to the right,you can see the timbers impressions under the grass.
The timbers rested the boats keel while repairs were done to the hulls/motor etc.


I shot this to not only show you all the garbage left behind at Cannery but also to show you the broken bottles.
The Lions haul out in this spot & because they have great weight,they appear to accidentally unearth the old bottles rednecks through away in their drunken stupor! Which is bad enough to begin with but the Lions great weight breaks the bottles! I’m positive that this broken glass must cut them!
I also found some old fishing line as well. Looks like someone changed their line & just left it there!
You might remember a few weeks ago,me taking some shots of a Sea Lion entangled in some metal fishing line! This is the exact spot where they were all hauled out!
It’s truly a wonder the animals of this world are able to live with all the “TRAPS” we have set in our drunken ignorance!
Note the “Stubby” beer bottle.
For non-Canadians,the “Stubby” was the slang used for this particular beer bottle. The neck was short,so ergo………STUBBY!
The newer bottles have a longer neck now. I forget when they stopped making them? Maybe in the late 70’s??

Kenfalls Creek Pano

The weather broke early this morning (1am). The sun is setting later & later now!
I went down to Cannery to check on my furry friends. I was shocked to find that one of them has gotten entangled in some metal fishing line!! The skin has already started to separate! That line has to come off NOW if it is going to survive! Not sure how I’m going to do this,but have contacted people in the “know” for help! Will let you know how this tragic story unfolds.
I also found out that the Lions have abandoned Kenfalls Point! You can see my boat above on shore at Kenfalls Point. The Lions have laid the ground flat & bare with their movements in the forest!
I found out that this point of land is only the second known spot where the Lions haul out in the forest! The other location is up in Alaska.
I than left Cannery & went to Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah. She wasn’t there,but the Daredevil was. He wasn’t very active today.

I moved on to visit with Moe & Maggie,as well as Romeo & Juliette. Both were very active today!
It was a great day out!
I will keep a eye on that Sea Lion! If that line is not taken off soon,it most certainly will die a painful death!


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I went into Cannery Bay to see if there were any Sea Lions about and turns out that there wasn’t!
This is the first I have seen this spot since the Spring. I noticed that things have grown back very nicely! Amazing how Nature can do that!
I included a shot from the Spring when this area looked alittle more down trodden!