Great Horned Owl

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I heard from a friend that there was a Great Horned Owl in the area and dropped what I was doing and headed out with my gear.
It was difficult getting a good shot because of all the trees in the way. I had to climb on top of a roof to get a semi clear shot and it was still at a distance or at least much further than what I would of preferred!
Beautiful creatures!
A phoned a good friend (Adrian Dorst) who is the local birding expert about the Owl and he came out to have a look as well. He told me that this one is a Matured Owl and was just resting. They,as you all are aware of,hunt at night. That Crow wouldn’t stand a chance against this fellow at night!
The Owl would surprise him and invite him to dinner!
Crows bother my finely feathered friends all the time and it would be nice to see one of them to get their comeuppance!