Half a Canoe?

This fellow was just asking for trouble!
He was paddling a canoe that had been snapped in half and a wall(transom) had been built at this point to keep the water out!
To make matters more interesting,he was paddling it backwards!
I came across this guy at sunset and just couldn’t resist shooting him!
Whenever I see a canoe snapped in half ,I think it is because it had been towed by another boat. You cannot tow a canoe behind a fast boat without causing structural damage to the canoe! It’s just dangerous!

Romeo and one of his Eaglets

I found this scene interesting. I first came across an immature on this sand spit by it’s self and it had something it was eating.
This sand spit is very close to Romeo/Juliette’s nest and I assumed that it had to be one of their young.
Than Romeo came over and simply waited. He didn’t take the food from it’s young and just waited for it to be done!
This shot shows the immature taking off and than Romeo hopped over to whatever it was to chow down himself.
I found it very charming that they get along so well when food is involved! Such polite creatures!

Romeo and Juliette’s Eaglet

This is one of two offspring from Romeo/Juliette (09).
I think one was female and the other a male,just because of size difference.
They begin to flap their wings very quickly and seem to be just as big as Mom and Dad in no time at all!
The golden light of the sunset adds to their already beautiful markings.

Fried Egg Jellyfish

For the life of me ,I can’t figure out how they came up with a name like this!!
I came across this fellow in Mosquito harbour and was impressed with it’s size. It had to be 3 feet if it was a inch!
They usually grow up to 2 feet and have a mild sting from their tentacles. This one was exceptional in size!
I have seen thousands upon thousands at times (Moon Jellys) of jellyfish all around me. The moon Jelly’s do not get this big and are more transparent as well. You can see a moon jelly caught in it’s tentacles off to the left and the bottom right.
Jelly’s are on the increase all over the world because of all the fertilizers we are dumping into the oceans.

Harbour Porpoise

I came across a school of these Harbour Porpoises up in Mosquito Harbour and had a hard time just getting this shot!
They come up so quickly,that by the time I focus on them,they are gone!
Fortunately they have a habit. They almost always take two breaths. I shut the motor off and stood up with my camera close to my eye and waited to hear the first puff. When I heard it,I turned very quickly and waited for the second puff. I only got a handful of shots.
I believe these guys are part of the Cetacean family and are the smallest as well.
They are about 1.7 meters and are short lived. They live up twenty years . The female grows quicker and is larger than the male. They weigh in at about 90 kgs.


These wings are almost 7 feet across. Eagles are masters at flight! I’m always amazed to see them disappear into a forest that is really thick!
They have known tunnel routes through the forest. They can go into thick forest and disappear very quietly!
They come out on the other side of the forest!
Absolutely amazing to see them do this! The first time i saw one disappear into a thick forest I couldn’t believe my eyes!
I than started to see a pattern! I noticed that when they disappeared,they used the same spot! I than noticed that there were many entrance/exit portals all along the forests edge!
I’ve also seem them use the forest as a means of protection!
If they are being chased I have seen them use the forest tunnels to try and shake off the attacker!
I have also heard a few of them crashing in the forest and falling to the ground! They hobble out to the forests edge at the shore and fly off.

Juliette’s Sunset

The only nest that has a open clearing to the west is the Deadman Island eagles. This gives them a added bonus. Thats why I leave these guys to the last when I’m out visiting all the other eagles.
By that time, the sun is perfect and the will last the longest . All the other nests go into shadow by this time. Vargas Island is the only thing blocking the sun to the west. I’ll bet there are nests on the western side of some of these islands. The light would be just as good as Deadman,but last longer,because there is nothing to obstruct the sun light.

Fishing Sunset

I was all done my days shoot and was going to go back home ,when I noticed that the afterglow was going “to go”.
I walked to the end of 1st street and waited for subjects to come by. This is that “spyder/fly” technique I’ve talked about before.
I was waiting for anything to come by and nothing was happening and than I noticed this fishing boat start up it’s engines. I knew than that they would be heading out and got ready for them to leave. I also recognized the boat and knew the direction that they would be heading. I lined myself and did a few test shots and waited for them to enter into my scene.
And the rest is history!

Sunset Eagle

I never know what direction a eagle is going to come by at, and prefer him well lite. This just the reverse of the sweet angle I want and normally I would toss this shoot out.
However,I think the shadowing is fantastic and has real merit. The eagle shows alot of texture with his feather structure. He was going against a bit of a breeze & that roughed up his feathers.

Canada Day Celebrations !

I had been out all afternoon and when I came back to the boat shed,the celebrations for Canada Day were starting.
I wasn’t prepared for this however. In hindsight I should of known that the fireworks were going to happen and I should of brought a tripod with me !
I took some shots,but put the camera up against a sign post for stability. The light was so dark that the fastest shutter speed I could get was too slow to hold by hand.
As a rule of thumb to see if you can hold your camera in low light, the slowest speed to shoot at is the lens focal length expressed as a fraction. If you have a 50mm lens,than the slowest you should go is 1/50 th of a second. Hand-holding! If you have a 70-200mm (at the 200 end),than the slowest is 1/200th of a second.
I’ve met some photographers who are solid as a rock and can hold the lens still at astonishingly slow speeds and others who are at the other end. They have the shakes and cannot hand hold very well. These guys are best to shoot from a tripod.
Which is what I forgot to bring with me on this day. Oh well.
I liked the dark blue afterglow of the sunset.

Juliette and Romeo at Sunset / Moonrise

Juliette (left) and Romeo were just chilling here. I knew when the moon was going to rise and was waiting for it. I looked around for subject material and these two spoke up. Trying to get the right exposure for the moon is tough! The point in the sky when it is at a perfect exposure alters each night. The moon rises much later each night and that changes the light tremendously! There's only acouple nights when I could of done this and in that,the amount of time each day that I can shoot the moon when it is at the right exposure,is a matter of minutes! All your ducks need to line up if you want to try to do something like this! Many times the moon would be perfect to shoot,but it's pouring out ,or it's just too cloudy. In a years time, you have 12 chances to shoot something like this and you can count on half of them to be screwed because of weather!
So,to get something like this is good in my books. You can never have enough shots of Eagles with Moon's!!
I shot this on Canada Day and to me when I saw this opportunity, instantly thought that it was a beautiful symbol of the days festivity's! We do live in a Fantastic country!!

Moe & Maggie’s Moon

I’m not too sure which one it is,but certainly appreciate the posing. These guys have a perch tree on the NE corner of Neilson Island. I think that I have very seldom gone by this spot and not seen one or both on this tree. This spot is perfect for a Eagle. It has an unobstructed view all around .
The tallest tree’s often times have their tops broken off in large winter wind storms. When they start to regrow,the limbs often times ,will look like this. It kind of looks like a Candelabra!