Half a Canoe?

This fellow was just asking for trouble!
He was paddling a canoe that had been snapped in half and a wall(transom) had been built at this point to keep the water out!
To make matters more interesting,he was paddling it backwards!
I came across this guy at sunset and just couldn’t resist shooting him!
Whenever I see a canoe snapped in half ,I think it is because it had been towed by another boat. You cannot tow a canoe behind a fast boat without causing structural damage to the canoe! It’s just dangerous!

Romeo and one of his Eaglets

I found this scene interesting. I first came across an immature on this sand spit by it’s self and it had something it was eating.
This sand spit is very close to Romeo/Juliette’s nest and I assumed that it had to be one of their young.
Than Romeo came over and simply waited. He didn’t take the food from it’s young and just waited for it to be done!
This shot shows the immature taking off and than Romeo hopped over to whatever it was to chow down himself.
I found it very charming that they get along so well when food is involved! Such polite creatures!

Romeo and Juliette’s Eaglet

This is one of two offspring from Romeo/Juliette (09).
I think one was female and the other a male,just because of size difference.
They begin to flap their wings very quickly and seem to be just as big as Mom and Dad in no time at all!
The golden light of the sunset adds to their already beautiful markings.