I got out a little later than normal tonight. Didn’t think I was going to be able at first because of the cloud cover,but it cleared & gave me the green light. Plus I was still feeling weak from getting a nasty cold! I never get sick & just hate it when it befalls upon me!
I managed to gather my starch & get out. I went up into Gunner Inlet first & saw a Sow with one cub. She was 3 or 400 meters away when she decided to go back into the bush! The tide was high & there wasn’t much shore for her to forage upon.
I than went up into Fortune Channel to check things out? That’s when I came across the twins! Mum was pretty cool with me being inside their flight zone.
The wind was up enough to create a background noise. That’s always very important to getting close. It kind of camouflages me. If it was very calm out,the bears would hear my every move & possibly get skittish?
All three were happy campers tonight! Just the way I like them!
After she went into the bush,I returned to town but not before stopping off to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah. I always love seeing them & the setting they live in! I love that big black shadow covering Eagle Bay near sunset! It highlights them like as if they were 3D!
I said goodnight to them both & continued on into town. Romeo came over to see me again! He’s been very attentive in the last few weeks! I always enjoy seeing such a beautiful creature like him up close! I also know that anybody else would kill to be able to do the same! I feel very lucky that he has allowed me inside his flight zone!
We had a nice visit together & watched the sun set together. I think if I could ever choose to come back,I would choose to be a Eagle! Either a Eagle or Raven! Both are very intelligent creatures,with the Raven probably being the smartest!
Glad I was not only feeling better from that nasty cold I caught but also able to get out! The weather looks poor for the rest of the week!
It’s never up to me to choose when I can go do my thing………..it’s always up to Mother Nature!
Really glad she phoned me up & invited me out tonight!