I got out a little later than normal tonight. Didn’t think I was going to be able at first because of the cloud cover,but it cleared & gave me the green light. Plus I was still feeling weak from getting a nasty cold! I never get sick & just hate it when it befalls upon me!
I managed to gather my starch & get out. I went up into Gunner Inlet first & saw a Sow with one cub. She was 3 or 400 meters away when she decided to go back into the bush! The tide was high & there wasn’t much shore for her to forage upon.
I than went up into Fortune Channel to check things out? That’s when I came across the twins! Mum was pretty cool with me being inside their flight zone.
The wind was up enough to create a background noise. That’s always very important to getting close. It kind of camouflages me. If it was very calm out,the bears would hear my every move & possibly get skittish?
All three were happy campers tonight! Just the way I like them!
After she went into the bush,I returned to town but not before stopping off to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah. I always love seeing them & the setting they live in! I love that big black shadow covering Eagle Bay near sunset! It highlights them like as if they were 3D!
I said goodnight to them both & continued on into town. Romeo came over to see me again! He’s been very attentive in the last few weeks! I always enjoy seeing such a beautiful creature like him up close! I also know that anybody else would kill to be able to do the same! I feel very lucky that he has allowed me inside his flight zone!
We had a nice visit together & watched the sun set together. I think if I could ever choose to come back,I would choose to be a Eagle! Either a Eagle or Raven! Both are very intelligent creatures,with the Raven probably being the smartest!
Glad I was not only feeling better from that nasty cold I caught but also able to get out! The weather looks poor for the rest of the week!
It’s never up to me to choose when I can go do my thing………..it’s always up to Mother Nature!
Really glad she phoned me up & invited me out tonight!


I got out today & had a great time! This high pressure system is going to hold for at least another day!
I went up into Gunner Inlet & couldn’t find any bears out & about :(
However,Fortune Channel was much better! I came across 6 technically,but 2 of those were cubs staying just inside the bush line.
I thought when I came across this bear that it was Queenie,but it turned out to be a new Sow! She was feeding her cub when I came along! She was watching intently in one direction! I noticed another bear,which turned out to be Humpty & Dumpty on their own! I couldn’t see Queenie anywhere!

I moved along & came across “Diamond” & she had a cub this year with her! She’s always a real treat to behold A very easy tempered bear & very beautiful!

I came back into town & stopped off at Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil & Delilah!
They both were in fine spirits! The sunset was beginning & I continued on into the harbour. Romeo came to welcome me!
Had a visit with him as well!
Another day in paradise!


It was & still is at the moment,very windy! No way I’m going out in that slop!
So I stayed in today & decided to take a few shots of the Hummers coming to my feeder! I love the largest (eagles) & the smallest birds!
The Rofous Hummingbirds are the F-18 of Hummers! Very fast & maneuverable! I noticed that there are no males coming by? I wonder why?
Just a few Hummers for you folks tonight.


I went straight up into Fortune Channel for bears tonight. On my first pass to the north,I couldn’t find one bear! However on the way back for the second pass,I came across this lonely looking bear! I think It might be Teeny & Weeny’s mum,but didn’t see them around? Not sure? She has the same reddish brown markings on her flank.
After spending some great quality time with her,I left her & went to visit the Daredevil & Delilah. The light was excellent & that shadow in Eagle Bay really made them stand out!
I continued on to visit with Romeo & Juliette. Once again Romeo greeted me by going to his rocky perch! I can never get there before him! He see’s me over a kilometer away & fly’s over before I can arrive & get shots of him flaring as he perches!
I always give him hell & ask him to relax!
He’s such a character!
Had a great nights shoot today! I say night because the sun is setting so late now! Tomorrow promises to be the same for weather too! I’m filling my boots with all I can get! The rains must surely be coming again soon!


Not sure,but I think this is the Sow with “Teeny & Weeny”? Didn’t see the twins anywhere,so am not sure if this is her or not?
At any rate,I had a excellent shoot with her tonight! The light was excellent & she was very cooperative! When she stood up,I was surprised! She must of heard something in the other direction?
It was so calm out that when I arrived a boat’s wake (which had gone by 10 minutes earlier) was hitting the shore & this made her aware! She was looking around & wondering why all of a sudden the noise was happening I suppose?


You can see how deep the contrast from the setting sun had gotten!
It gives a very surreal affect!
Romeo was quick off the mark & beat me to his rocky perch…….AGAIN! I have never been able to sneak around the corner of Beck island & get here before him & it’s not like he’s trying! Eagles move so fast just gliding that they are always faster than my boat!

Rofous Hummers

I decided to take a few shots of the Hummers while waiting to go out. I do not go out now until 6pm! The sun is setting later & later!
Unfortunately the clouds moved in by the time I wanted to go out! Because tomorrows weather was calling for windy conditions,I decided to “dam the torpedoes”& head out anyways! Normally I wouldn’t of gone out with poor lighting conditions,but I thought It might be the last kick at the can this week?
I went up into Fortune Channel for bears & sure enough I came across not one but three!
It was Queenie & her two cubs “Humpty” & “Dumpty”! I was pleasantly surprised!
The tide was coming in so I was in the best conditions! If the tide was dropping,I have to be careful not to get stuck on the bottom! Very easy when your consumed taking shots of these beautiful creatures! If I ever did get stuck,all I have to do is put my wheels down & pull the boat to deeper water. However,that doesn’t mean that the bottom isn’t muddy & my boots won’t come off from being stuck in the mud! More a pain in the butt than a threat.
I also do not like the thought of not being able to back away from the bears when I want!

After leaving Queenie & the gang,I went straight into town to visit with Romeo & Juliette. I saw a thinning of that cloud cover near the horizon & knew the sun would “briefly” pop out just before sunset! However,I also knew that I would have to wait awhile for the sun to descend into that “thin” gap!
It did come out for a few minutes & Romeo did a few grabs! He’s such a beautiful creature to watch up close!! I feel very lucky that he has accepted me!
It wasn’t a normal shoot today but still worth getting out because of Queenie & Romeo!


I thought I’d back off on the focal length to give you a wider perspective! Most times I like the “up close & personal” shots!
This is “Queenie” & her two yearling cubs “Humpty” & “Dumpty”!
I have no idea why,but Queenie never gave them the boot last Fall like most bears? She’s allowed them both to stay with her! A most unusual situation if you ask me!
Queenie is the one on the left.
You can see how poor the light was.


I found all three of them grazing along the shore up in Fortune Channel.
This really is a odd situation??
I have never seen a Sow allow her cubs to stay with her this long? The Sow’s normally chase away her cubs in the Fall time,but for whatever reason she has allowed these two to stay? If she had of chased them away,she would of most likely of gotten pregnant again & had a tiny little cub (or cubs) with her this Spring!
She obviously passed on that option & decided to keep them both for another year! I’d like to be around when she brings down the hammer! The cubs are going to be very confused (as they all are when Mum gives them the boot)!
“Dumpty” looks like she’s got a case of “mange”. It’s a parasite that causes them to lose their fur & makes their skin very itchy! I saw Dumpty rubbing it’s self up against a log vigorously!
The light was poor unfortunately!(darn thin clouds) I prefer gold light when taking shots of wildlife,but we do not always get what we want……….do we?
I think Queenie has accepted me! She grazes without minding my presence! It takes many visits until a animal accepts you into their flight zone. She realizes that I am not a threat. I try to not only be very quiet when I’m around her but very still when she looks at me. Their eyes are not sharp but they do see contrast & movement excellent!


I did get out today & it might be the last time for this week? The forecast for tomorrow & the rest of the week is strong winds! That means I won’t be going out! The wind is my bain!
I went up into Fortune Channel,Gunner Inlet & Grice Bay for bears & didn’t find a single one! Very disappointing to say the least!
To make matters worse,it had been sunny all day & than a large cloud system moved in & snuffed the light!
I was striking out today!

As soon as I got out in the harbour, I saw this floathouse being towed to it’s Summer location. Looked like a moving party was going on!
They moved it to the northern side of Nielsen island.
I have never seen that tug boat before? Must be from else where?


I did get out today & most likely will for the rest of the week! This high pressure system is a very strong one!
I went up into Fortune Channel for bears but could only find one bear! I didn’t get a good shot of him as well!
I went up into Gunner Inlet & no one was home. Had my donut & went back to Tsapee Narrows to visit with the Daredevil. The wind wasn’t blowing so I couldn’t get a good angle on him. They can come in at any angle when there is no wind,so It’s a bit of a crap shoot when that happens.
I continued into the harbour & went to Deadman Island to see Romeo & Juliette. Juliette stayed on the nest but Romeo came over to his rocky perch as per normal!
The sunset tonight was exceptional! There was a “light column” going straight up from the sun! Very unique!
After visiting with Romeo & saying goodbye to Juliette,I went back into the harbour & found a fellow paddling with his dog on his stand up board! Only in Tofino could something like that happen! I think it was “Matt Lawson”?
Didn’t get many bears today but it was still a great day’s shoot!


I was pleasantly surprised to find “Matt Lawson” & his dog “Harvey” paddling to shore out in the middle of the harbour.
I later talked to him & he explained that he was visiting his sister (Misty) & husband “Jay” on Beck Island.
He also told me that Harvey didn’t need any special training to sit so still!
Now that’s my kind of dog!


This was shot at First St.dock. “Someone” left this couch on the dock! It happens from time to time. I find beer & pop cans drifting from the 1 St.dock all the time. I picked up a floating 4 litre plastic jug tonight.
The 1 St.dock has recently been turned into the 1 St. “Parkcade”! I counted 16 cars & trucks parked on the dock. There are signs up telling people not to do that.
I’m actually surprised that these tourists had a view of the sunset without a truck blocking their view!
Lets see how long that couch stays there??