Rita was posing on a prominent lamp post downtown today, when I noticed the moon was in perfect position behind her! I didn’t have my camera with me and cursed! I rode home as fast as I could and grabbed it and came back……but too late Rita had already flown the coup! I was afraid that would happen! So I sat there for over a hour calling to get her to come back. People must have thought I was crazy! I literally had given up and was beginning to walk back home with my bike in hand when I heard her calling me back! I turned and saw her back on her lamp post! I rode back and began to take some shots of her! She was making these cute single clucking sounds. (Robbie was MIA btw)

Sometimes she would make this single loud call! She looked like a wolf barking madly at the moon! I actually think she was just getting impatient with me and simply wanted her treat!


Tofino got a rare dump of snow! I love to get snow shots but hardly am able to. So when It snowed I grabbed my gear and headed out for a snow shoot! While getting the boat ready (my boat is out of water,I have to haul it down to the shore by hand. It has wheels on the rear end) I noticed my two Raven friends Robbie and Rita had flown over to say hello! Of course they came over because I normally toss them a few crackers. Once I was eating a cinny bun when Robbie wanted some! How did I know he wanted some……he left the cracker on the ground and gently cawed to me! If you have ever heard a Raven’s call it is a very distinctive sound. So I shared my cinny with him….which was a mistake because now he wants just sweet treats!

So while getting my gear together I realized I hadn’t anything for them? But then I realized I had brought “for me” a sweet treat! A lemon flavoured Danish! I said what the hell and tore off half and threw it to him! What I didn’t realize was that there was a Gull close by watching as well! Once I threw it onto the snow that Gull was on it immediately! Robbie saw this and grabbed that Gull and fought for the Danish! He kicked the crap out of that Gull! He always does,Rita is far less aggressive.

With his hard fought prize in his mouth I was amazed to hear Rita very gently cawing in short bursts. She hopped over (due to the snow depth) to Robbie and he promptly placed it in her bill!

I found the moment very touching to be honest! I rewarded Robbie with the other half of the Danish and you can bet your last dollar not a Gull stirred! Robbie rewarded me with some gently soft cawing as well!

Raven’s hold a very special place in my heart! True I love Eagles but a Raven is something almost mystical to me! When they look at you It feels like they are seeing with human like eyes! I enjoy talking to them but rarely do they talk back.


20130506-IMG_1631These creatures are the most intelligent birds on the planet! They do something no other does & thats “problem solve”!
Very few creatures problem solve!
When they look at you,they are analyzing you! They learn habits of humans & prey upon them!
I know of two Ravens who specialize in pilfering out at Chestermans beach! They wait for people to come to the beach & go into the water………… leaving their bags unattended! By the time the people come back,their bags are opened! Who knows what they take? Maybe all their looking for is food?
No matter how you slice it,these birds are extremely smart & cleaver!


Ravens are not only very smart but they do something that only a handful of animals can do……………..”Problem solve”!
It is a behavioral marker for intelligence (as “we” understand it).
Ravens look at a problem the same way you do! They do not have hands of course,but use their beak instead. This Raven found a unattended backpack & promptly unzipped it. It started to empty the bag! I wanted to hang around and watch ,but I was friends walking. I assume it emptied the bag & took whatever it found or liked!
It doesn’t appear to like towels!
I assume that this bike and towel belongs to a surfer?
There are several Ravens who patrol Chesterman’s beach & look for these kind of scenario’s! They are smart enough to know that we keep things of value in these backpacks! When the bags are unattended,they simply swoop in & check to see if there are any goodies!
Kind of like “YOGI & BOO BOO” with a picnic basket!

I just came up with a great idea! I’m going to take a bag down there & set up a Go Pro over it. I can get some close shots of Mr. Raven searching!
I can even put rewards in each pocket to keep it interested!

Immature & Raven Chowing Down

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I went down to Cannery Bay today to check on that Sea Lion carcass I have my trail camera set up over top of . I also wanted to confirm that the all the Sea Lions had left Cannery bay…….and they have!
The carcass is providing great food opportunity’s for everyone, and it’s also given me great opportunity for pictures!
I think thats what they call a “Win Win” scenario!
This Immature Bald Eagle and Raven were both having lunch together when I came across them.

Harrased Raven

Acouple of crows didn’t’ like Mr.Raven hanging around and decided to be rather rude I thought!
I don’t think the Raven appreciated their behavior either. Considering they are cousins basically.
A group of Ravens is called a “Unkindness” or a “Murder”. Crows,as you know are also called a “Murder”. They also are called the following; Hover,Muster,Parcel and Horde.
I think both the Ravens & Eagles would call them something else!!

Crow Chasing a Raven

You can see how hard the crow is staring at Mr.Raven. He’s staring very intently at him. If looks could kill………………this guy would get a “A” for effort!
Raven’s are very smart! Some think more so than the average dog.They problem solve and not many do that! They are one of two species that appears to have toys. They have been observed to take a twig and play with it.
The other species are Dolphins that have been observed playing with their air bubbles.
They imitate other birds and humans and have insight. They use tools and have displayed very interesting behavior.
If their mate goes missing ,they will often times alter their voice to sound like their mate. This helps draw in the mate.
I cannot think of a more beautiful creature than a Raven!(don’t ask me about Crows)

Being Chased

I don’t know if this is Moe or Maggie? The Ravens were nesting over on Morpheus island and chase poor old Moe and his mate away all the time. Eagles will eat their eggs if they get the chance.
However,if their food is steady and plentiful.I see no reason why they would?
After the nesting for the Ravens was over(2 months at most),the Ravens took off and Moe/Maggie resumed their perch trees on Morpheus Island.