Nigel,Surfers and the Wick

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The light today was terrible, it wasn’t raining but that should be here tomorrow by the sounds of it!
I was out at Chesterman’s Beach today . A fellow I know (Nigel) was out on the beach doing his daily exercise. He does it in bare feet! My feet get cold in my boots with thick wool socks!

I went back into town and looked around the harbour to see what was going on?

Beach Runner

Many people were taking advantage of the “Rain Stoppage” and getting out to do their thing!
Like me.
You can see that the surf was up and as a result,the surfers were down. Very few were out surfing. Too sloppy I suppose? I’m not a surfer,so do not understand these things.

Wick Pano

This was shot at the north end of Chestermans Beach. I needed some foreground material and could find only the Wickaninnish Inn. Thats it on the far right in the shade.
Your looking right under this last cloud system for 100 klicks or so. Theres alot of rain between our eye and that clearing in behind.

Wickaninnish Inn and Whale Watching Zodiac

20100821-20100821-IMG_5871I saw a Zodiac from Jamies Whale Watching and got a shot of them passing in front of the Wick. The sun had come out and was giving some good light.
Orcas have been seen out in this area in the past week and I’m sure these guys passed through looking to see if anyone was home!

Wickaninnish Sunset

We had a bit of wind today and it lasted until sunset. The clouds lite up,but I was having trouble finding any foreground material. There were no people out either.
You can see the Wick on the far side of Chesterman’s with Lone Cone and Catsface in behind.

Wickaninnish Sunset Moon

I had waited approximately 17 months to be able to go up in a plane and shoot these aerials.
I needed no clouds on the eastern and western horizon’s and it had to happen when the full moon was rising! Those three parameters all lined up on October 3rd.
I always shoot from a plane with the door off. I do not want to shoot through the door window. You reduce your expensive lens to a cheap one by going through another medium.(which I might add is almost always scruffed up)
If you do it and have friends with you. Remember that whoever sits in the back seat is going to get the wind blast and it’s always cold!
This is the true colour.

Wick Moon

This shot was taken 1/2 hr before the second one above and you can clearly see how the light structure has changed!
This shows the tranquil setting of the Wickaninnish Inn on Chesterman’s beach. The moon was rising in behind and the light was perfect!
I think my focal length was around 150mm.
I always shoot my aerial’s near sunset. It not only gives texture to the other wise flat terrain,but a warm colour! Win,win!!