I was able to get out today but not without paying!
What I mean by that, is that the wind was up! (like yesterday) I didn’t or couldn’t stand about with great light and not be able to get out,so I had to try?
Putting the boat in from shore when the waves are crashing against the shore is a dangerous thing to do! I could damage the boat or just get a soaker and either one of those scenarios was not my cup of tea I’m afraid!
I managed to get out but the harbour was still unpleasant. I wore my rain gear to keep dry from the slop and spray.
Imagine wearing rain gear when there are no clouds in the sky!
The good thing about the wind is that when the NW comes in,it only affects the harbour . Once I get down the inlet,all is well. I get into the wind shadow of Meares Island. The mountains/ridge line provides a great protection from the NW and West winds.
I went up to Fortune Channel today looking for bears but knew the odds were against me. The tide was too high and it was coming in as well.
I didn’t find any bears so I checked out Mosquito Harbour which is on the NE corner of Meares Island. Nobody ever comes into Mosquito….or at least I have never seen anyone there when I was there?
I found not only thousands of Jellys there but many dozen Harbour Porpoises milling about!
Those Porpoises seem to be residents. I only see them up in Fortune Channel really and they seem to like it more around or near Mosquito bay.

I left Mosquito & had a quick visit with Delilah and the Daredevil at Tsapee Narrows. They were not very active tonight.
I moved on to Romeo and Juliette at Deadman island and they both were active,but I arrived too late for good light! The winds made the waves large enough to slow my travel time and I arrived too late to get either of them in golden light!

Still it was great getting out even if it was challenging!
Another great day to be alive in Tofino folks!

Almost forgot to mention that this boat (Tamanawas) is Creative Salmon’s new boat for harvesting their salmon. Creative Salmon is a fish farm company. She was coming in to the fuel dock to fill up.

Strathcona And Cormorants

For those that visit my site often ,you will recognize this spot! I always shoot it when I find birds on this rock. It’s located just in behind (to the north) Strawberry Island. It has no name but I call it “Strawberry Islet”.
Notice how the birds always point into the wind!
I was looking north,so they basically were pointing to the West/NW.

The “Harvest King” Cruising

When I came around the SE corner of Meares Island,she was heading towards me, going back into town.
This use to be their harvest boat but could not get it passed by the Gov,so they bought another boat (the Tamanawas) to do the job.
The Harvest King does not “harvest” anymore and instead has been delegated to carry cargo only.

Sutton Mill Creek Pano

I think very few people come up here? It was my first time at that!
It’s a creek located up in Mosquito Harbour. I went right up the creek as far as I could and found some Chum salmon spawning! I didn’t see any bears or leftovers that had been partially eaten,but the grass along the creek bank looked used by animals! Most likely bears?
This creek use to provide the fresh water for the steam engines to the Mosquito lumber mill that was here a long time ago.
It was built in 1904 and closed in 1908. It would appear that they wanted to use Kennedy lake as a means of transporting the logs to the Mill. However, the fly in the ointment was the fact that the dammed lake would not flow the way they wanted and thus could not use it!
So it was abandoned.
The Toredo worms got into the wharfs pilings and a few years later it collapsed and that was it!
You can still see where the mill use to be! The Alder trees always fill in where clearings use to be and they make a very noticeable difference!
Alders race in to claim any clearings. They are the fastest trees to take advantage of the clearings!
They are deciduous and come winter time you can notice any old clearings,logging roads etc very easily as a result!

A “SWARM” Of Moon Jelly’s

I came across thousands upon thousands of Moon Jellyfish up in Mosquito harbour. I have seen them up in Mosquito before.
I found out that a “swarm” of Jelly’s can also be called a Bloom,a Brood,a Smuck and a Smack.
I’m sticking to a SWARM myself!
I shut the motor off when I saw that I was in the Swarm & paddled about. I watched them drift by so effortlessly! It was very relaxing watching them!
I think everyone in a stressful job should get an Aquarium full of Jelly’s!
One at work and one at home!

Mosquito Sunset

This small island is in the middle of Mosquito Harbour. I plan on camping there sometime next year.
I liked the God rays coming from the ridge on Meares Island.
I always joke with a few photo friends that shots like this type are good but could be much better if there was a Nude!
I would put her up on the island with the golden light directly behind her.