I was pleasantly surprised to see Romeo and Juliette’s latest offspring! It’s hard to tell but I suspect it’s male? He flew over and promptly took the fish Romeo was eating! Romeo didn’t seem to mind.

So the game is whoever comes up with the best name for this male eagle will get a picture of him!




The Daredevil & Delilah had not one,not two but three immatures hanging around today & the strangest thing is neither of them were complaining! I think these immatures are year olds,the third one looked older.Both of these Immatures look like they are the same age.So I’m calling them the “Twins”!




Mid-August is always like a Debutants ball.All the eaglets become fully fledged & introduce themselves to the world…….& me!

This is Ernie & Ethel’s offspring.I suspect this newby to be a female?The beak is rather large compared to the head & that usually means it’s a female. I saw a second one flying about as well! This one is going to be called “Nicky”.

I found it just north of Strawberry island on a low rock.Will have to keep a eye out for the other!

Notice the pure black eye.They don’t get the yellow until 5 years old.Immatures eyes always creep me out.



During nesting season the offspring from previous years seem to come back to visit their Ma & Pa.I’m not really sure “why”,but find it interesting. Maybe to see If their parents are still around?If they are not,they may inherit the family territory?

To tell the age of Immatures like this,I always look at the tail feathers. More white means it’s older.This one hardly has any white at all.Which means it was born last year.By the time they reach 5 years old,this tail feathers will be almost all white. A eagle has 7000 feathers but only 12 will be the white tail feathers.

To find a white tail feather will grant you a dream journey.

Maggie was not very happy that their offspring was flying about.She was protesting loudly! If this eagle wasn’t one of their own,she would of taken to the air to push it out of her territory!





I was lucky tonight! I finally  got to see Ernie & Ethel’s new eaglet! Eagles have a interesting technique to help fully fledge eaglets. They normally feed the eaglet in the nest when it’s very young.Then when it gets larger,they make it come to them.First right beside the nest,then further down the limb & then to another tree. Finally when it’s almost fully fledged they leave the tree totally & go down to the ground further away.Thats what they are doing in this shot.

This eaglet will be called “Erin”.



20140514-IMG_358920140514-IMG_3593I found this kind of unusual? It’s nesting season once again & when a pair of eagles are nesting,they do not want any intruders or visitors! Even from family! So to see this immature perching inside their territory & not hear a squawk of objection from the Daredevil was interesting!
Very tolerant of mother & father!


20131014-IMG_871720131014-IMG_873120131014-IMG_873620131014-IMG_8744Went down to Tranquil today. With the tide being low,I already knew ahead of time that getting into the system would be problematic!
So I took my chest waders & felt lined booties along! When I arrived in the estuary,I could see that this was going to be hard work! I counted 5 sets of washboard rapids! I beached my boat & went ashore to change. I than walked into the stream & began pulling my boat upstream!
While pulling, I noticed a Immature eagle chowing down on a salmon! I hopped up onto the side of my boat & used my feet to walk along the bottom towards said eagle. It was great, because it couldn’t see any movement but I was able to get closer & closer!
Got some good shots & continued pulling upstream. Time was not on my side btw! I knew that the sun would disappear from the area I was interested in very shortly & was afraid that by the time I got in there,there wouldn’t be any light left! It did take too long to get in there & yes the light went bye bye just as I arrived. Very frustrating!
I found a school of salmon & went upstream of them. I turned the camera on & released my drift rig in the water!
I discovered that I can act like a Shepard! I can paddle to the left or right of the school & guide them towards the camera! Kind of like a sheep herding dog.
I only got two runs in & had to leave if I still wanted some time with my eagle friends for sunset!
Left the system. I snapped a paddle trying to avoid a spot in fast flowing water & got hung up on it! I know these spots can over turn a boat if the current is strong enough! Fortunately I only had to push off with my second paddle.
Headed to Tsapee Narrows. The sun was getting low! I saw the moon rising in the east & hoped to get some eagle/moon shots as well?
Both Delilah & the Daredevil were there,but she stayed perched like a lump on a log! The Daredevil & I had fun at any rate! He posed for me with the moon & I also got some great silhouette’s of him with the setting sun at Tsapee!
Continued along to Deadman & now I was racing because the sun was very close to setting! I arrived & Romeo flew over to greet me as did Juliette!
The sun had just set,so the only thing I could get were silhouette’s as well! I got the reverse angle of Romeo’s throne! Normally I’m on the other side looking back,but when the light is too low,it ain’t going to happen!
The sunset tonight had a nice layering of clouds that turned orange,red & pink in that order!

I was disappointed about not getting into Tranquil in time for the light,but it still was a real adventure!
Great shoot today folks!


20130322-IMG_806420130322-IMG_8059It’s nesting season for the Baldies & I’ve noticed something curious that always seems to happen at the same time!
Immature eagles come around & visit Mum & Dad! Now,normally if a strange eagle came into another eagles territory,all hell would be let loose! But Mum & Dad tolerate their former offspring to a great degree! When Mum & Dad have a egg or eggs,they do become very upset if one of their own from previous years comes around! They won’t attack it but instead try to escort it out of their territory all the while protesting loudly!
I haven’t read anything about this behavior but have a theory?
They return to their “old stomping grounds” to check & see if Mum & Dad are still kicking? If they are not there,this eagle now has now inherited the nest/territory!
Nests are passed down & can grow to be huge! I think the largest I ever heard of was 20 feet across & several feet deep! When nests become this large & heavy,It’s only a matter of time until a wind storm will bring it all down!
Rebuilding in a different location begins!


Both Romeo & Juliette were consumed with training their young one. They have a interesting way of doing this too!
They both fly to another tree & stay close together. The eaglet see’s them & will want to be with them! Sooner or later it starts to flutter & try it’s wings.
It wants to be with Mum & Dad.
It’s kind of like when new Mum’s & Dad’s put their baby down on the living room floor & call it to them! It’ll first crawl & than eventually walk!
With eagles, they first try to flutter & than fly!


I’m not sure why,but it almost appears that all the Immature eagles are coming back to hang around Mum & Dad!
I think (?) this is a 3yr old of the Daredevil & Delilah. The Daredevil wasn’t around,but Delilah was. I think he was on the nest with the eggs?
This Immature perched too close to Delilah. She wouldn’t have any of this & flew straight at it! She even raised her talons when they almost clashed!
A pair of eagles will allow it’s offspring to enter into their territory but not during nesting season! With it being just that at the moment “ALL” eagles are told to stay away!


This Immature flew out right in front of me & perched onto a rock in the middle of the harbour. This rock is not owned by any eagle pairs,but shared.
So It could of been either Romeo & Juliette’s or the pair on Beck island? Not sure?
It seemed interested in something at the waters edge?
I went up tide & shut my motor off. I drifted silently past it & was able to get close for detail shots! I was able to do this twice!


I managed to get out today,but left much later than I normally would.It was overcast & raining when I woke up today but after looking at the Satellite site realized that a very large clearing was going to be arriving later in the afternoon……….& it did right on time!
I got out around 5:30pm today & with the sun setting around 7:40pm or so,It still gave me enough time to have a good look around!
I went down to Tsapee Narrows & for the first time that I can remember in a very long time,neither the Daredevil or his mate,Delilah were home!
I found that a bit odd? I wonder where they were? I looked at their nest with my binocs & she wasn’t sitting there!
I decided to see if Angie or Logan was home. They live next door to the east of Tsapee & sure enough Angie was home!
I visited with her for awhile & than went to Morpheus Island to see Moe & Maggie.
When I arrived,Moe was being chased by a Crow from Morpheus Island! I’ve seen them getting chased away from Morpheus many times by both Crows & Ravens!
It’s nesting season for all birds & it appears that two Crows have set up their nest on Morpheus. They do not want a natural enemy like Moe or Maggie hanging around! Eagles will raid other birds nests for the eggs,but I have never seen this happening, so It can’t be going on be very much? I think Eagles & Crows/Ravens are like dogs & cats.
I moved on to Deadman Island to visit with Romeo & Juliette. When I first arrived I couldn’t find anybody! But than I saw Juliette’s head just poking above the nests edge.
She even got off of her eggs for a bit of a stretch! Romeo showed up later.
He was very active tonight & even flew over to his rock to wait for me! This is the only spot & time that I can get really close to a wild eagle!
At high tide I can get within 30 feet,which is unheard of with a wild eagle! (thats at eye level BTW) I can only do this with Romeo (Juliette did it once)!
They are the first of my eagle friends that are getting down to the business of life & nesting!
Glad to see them using their old nest again too!

I noticed something interesting today! This is Ernie on Strawberry island with what looks like ,last years offspring.
I saw three immature eagles today & each was hanging around Mum & Dad! That is unusual! It’s nesting season & adult eagles do not allow visitations from their offspring when they have eggs! Which means those three eagle couples cannot have any eggs yet!
I wonder why the Immature’s are all of a sudden showing up during nesting season?? Not sure why this is going on but one thing is for sure,when the parents have eggs,visiting hours are finished!
A short shoot tonight but defiantly worth seeing all my feathered friends again!